Five Things To Think About When Buying A Used Forklift

Five Things To Think About When Buying A Used Forklift

Purchasing a pre-owned forklift for your business can be a great strategic move, and a window to new profits. But you have to match the model and type of forklift to its intended use. Here are some important things to think about when selecting your used forklift model from our excellent catalog of well-conditioned vehicles. We can help, with assistance on specs and consultation about what your business can use.

Types of Forklift Tires

In forklifts, you can choose from pneumatic, solid pneumatic or cushion tires. In some ways, solid tires help with maintenance, but cushion tires are a popular choice, too, and regular pneumatic tires are perhaps most similar to what you see on roadworthy vehicles, where there is actually air inside the tire. Some of these types of tires are more vulnerable to punctures and tears than others. Take this into account with your used forklift purchase. Also, know that some types of forklifts can only use specific types of tires.

Types of Forklift Accessories

Of course, you’re going to want the standard pallet forks on your forklift. But there are other attachments available, too, like a basket or even something like a jib boom for additional heavy jobs. Accessorize your forklift the right way to get the functionality that you need, and if you will be using it for less usual tasks, you might want some of those custom extras that manufacturers offer to make the average forklift more versatile.

Standing or Sitting Forklifts

You also want to think about how drivers will be using these forklifts, and whether a standing or sitting option works better for your business location. Here’s where you can start to plan how a forklift will move through the aisles to retrieve pallets or other items, and bring them to a loading dock or other destination. Does the driver benefit more from having a standing model, or something that moves more like a conventional car-cabin vehicle?

Electric or Gas Forklifts

Although forklifts with electric motors tend to dominate nowadays, gas engine forklifts and natural gas options are still available. Think about which one fits your energy strategy and the carbon footprint that you want for your business. Also, electric forklifts can be much cheaper to maintain over time, for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as you potentially depreciate the vehicle.

With these items in mind, you can move forward in selecting a used or refurbished forklift for your business. NFE makes it easy to select from a number of excellent options, with an e-commerce model that’s made for the small business and dedicated to helping you to make the necessary strategic investments in business equipment and assets. Get connected to a company that knows its business and cares about offering each customer the best solution.

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