Forklift Type Spotlight: Propane Forklift

Of the wide range of lift equipment on the market, the propane forklift is among the favorites of those looking to maximize their time, investment and safety. While it’s important to assess the particular job any lift will be doing, along with conditions and expectations, here are a few of the primary advantages a used propane forklift can bring to your team:



Those looking to make the most of their workers’ time may want to consider a propane forklift. Unlike lifts powered by electricity or natural gas, those that rely on propane take much less time to power up: It typically only takes five minutes to change out a propane cylinder, while electric lifts may take a full workday just to charge. Additionally, propane forklifts can last twice as long as gas-powered equipment, meaning fewer interruptions and higher productivity. That time can make a huge difference for busy manufacturers looking to take advantage of the full power of their workforce. It can be tough choosing between diesel, propane, or electric forklifts but it comes down to what you need the equipment for and which will provide the most benefits for you and your team.



Because propane forklifts can get work done faster, that also means owners can save money on manpower. Also, because they are considered more reliable than others on the market, they also end up incurring fewer maintenance bills. And when it comes to fueling costs, propane forklifts also win out there: Research has shown that propane costs $1.41 per hour, versus $1.48 for electric lifts—a gap that can grow exponentially depending on the fleet size and hours in use.



Propane forklifts must comply with stricter safety standards than other lifts, with regulations regarding fuel lines, propane tanks and other elements of their design. All also are equipped with automatic shutoffs that would halt propane delivery in case of an unexpected incident. Additionally, because propane forklifts are clean-burning, they produce fewer emissions than lifts powered by diesel or gas, making for safer conditions for the work atmosphere and the wider community.

If a propane forklift is a good fit for your organization, explore the extensive collection of used equipment the National Forklift Exchange houses in order to get your job done quicker, more efficiently and more safely.


About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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