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Considered as the world’s most popular articulated forklift truck, a used Bendi forklift is the solution to increasing your productivity in the narrow aisles of your warehouse. Bendi has made a name for itself by providing ground-breaking designs that will help you to save space and stack with better efficiency. The amazing compact design of a Bendi forklift provides an unmatched performance in tight aisles ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency like no other machine. You won’t be disappointed by purchasing a used Bendi Forklift from NFE!

Cut Back Your Energy Cost with Bendi

Bendi articulated trucks are designed to increase your productivity while giving you a generous reduction to your energy cost. The amount of heating and lighting you use greatly depends on the size of your warehouse. A larger warehouse means a larger energy bill, not to mention the miscellaneous costs that arise from regular maintenance. Instead of renting a large warehouse, invest in a used Bendi forklift and own a smaller warehouse with similar or even better business productivity.

Bendi’s innovative 220°rotation means that your Bendi forklift will still be functional and productive even in aisles that are as narrow as 1800mm! This alone could offer you greater space savings, and at the same time, help you to expand production areas and increase your storage capacity. On top of their unmatched narrow-aisle performance, Bendi forklifts are a multi-purpose design meaning they can load and unload on all kinds of flooring while also able to place pallets into racking that are higher than 12.5m. With all these convenient features offered, it should be no surprise that Bendi forklifts continue to be the number one choice for companies who are seeking to improve their efficiency and productivity level at a reduced cost.

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The History of Bendi

Prior to the development of Bendi's articulated forklift trucks, stacking efficiently in narrow warehouse aisles was almost impossible. The forklift trucks that were used in those days were bigger and required more space to perform its duties. This drawback along with many others not only limited the functionality of these powered industrial trucks, but also slashed back the productivity of warehouse workers.

While the idea of creating a more efficient and space-saving forklift for narrow aisles was not new, it was Freddy Brown and his now well-known Bendi forklift brand that successfully accomplished that goal. Articulated narrow-aisle counterbalanced trucks, which are sometimes known as Bendi trucks, were Freddy's revolutionary design. Needless to say, the birth of Bendi forklifts significantly contributed to not only the development of forklifts, but also the designs of warehouses. Today, Bendi is a private, UK-based business that continues to specialize in manufacturing space-saving forklift trucks. The company has built credible partnerships around the world and is still advancing its vision of manufacturing and distributing their high-quality lift trucks to meet the ongoing demands of companies across the globe.


Trending Bendi Products

Bendi offers a variety of products to meet your warehouse size, layout, and your personal budget. Some of the trending products from Bendi are the following:

Bendi Mini
B312 AC
B315 AC
B318 AC
B420 AC
BG40 4WD
Remanufactured Electric
Remanufactured LPG
Bendi Arctic (new product)
Order Picker (new product)

Each of the products not only has all the common advantages you will enjoy from a regular Bendi forklift but also demonstrate certain specialized functions that are tailored to your specific needs. For example, the Bendi Mini is the Bendi articulated forklift that is available in a pedestrian version. The Longloader, on the other hand, increases your rotation from 220° to 360°!


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If your business is in need of a forklift machine, a used Bendi forklift is a must-have for all business owners who want to increase their storage capacity and warehouse productivity. National Forklift Exchange (NFE) is proud to offer used forklifts from Bendi at affordable prices. Contact us today and find your space-saving Bendi lift truck!

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