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Used Combilift forklifts are highly equipped multi-directional, IC engine-powered machines for all types of material handling missions. From initial design and manufacturing process to final assembly, used Combilift lift trucks enhance end-user experience with the benefit of improved workplace productivity and supreme savings. As a truly innovative forklift product, Combilift combines the strengths and convenience of a forklift and a side loader all in one package. Combilift’s forklifts demonstrate superior maneuverability and ergonomic design to give you that efficient and safe material handling experience every operator needs.

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The History of Combilift Forklifts

Combilift Ltd was founded by engineers Martin McVicar and Robert Moffett in 1998. Inspired by the vision to create a new long-loaded forklift to improve material handling safety and performance, the company had the honor of introducing the first IC engine Multi Directional Forklift to the world. C400 was Combilift’s first product. Equipped with a revolutionary design the C400 was enabled to handle palletized loads and long awkward loads with ease and efficiency. Fulfilling difficult material handling jobs that are normally handled by conventional counterbalance and sideloader forklifts, C400 was viewed as the two-in-one forklift innovation for their versatility and superior design.

Originally established in Ireland, Combilift products can now be found in over 75 markets worldwide. It produces 10 different material handling solutions for the industry and currently has over 20,000 units in operation. Combilift has also been awarded the ISO 9001, an honorary certification that recognizes the company for its quality management system in all areas of business.

A Material Solution Uniquely Designed for You

At Combilift, customized material handling solution is not only a slogan, but also the ethos of the company. Combilift forklifts are designed with the customers in mind, and the team at Combilift is always ready to satisfy your material handling solutions with passion, professionalism, and innovation. Combilift offers a variety of forklift models ranging from electric forklifts to side loaders to meet all of your unique material handling needs. Below are some trending workhorses that have been engineered to fine-tune your material handling process:

Combi-C Series
● Combi C-8000E (Electric)
● Combi-WR
● Combi-CB
● Combi-GT
● Combi-ST
● Combilifter Sideloader Range
● Combi-SC
● Aisle Master

Whether you have a narrow aisle or a heavy, tricky load to transfer and stack, Combilift’s all-wheel-drive lift trucks are equipped with a patented four-way steering system to make sideways travel with long loads a seamless experience. The various models you see on the market today reflect the demands of our customers, and each of them has been uniquely engineered to professionally handle certain load weights and tasks. Combilifts forklifts not only come equipped with a fuel-efficient LPG or diesel engine, but electric as well.

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Inspired first by passion and innovation and seconded by the desire to transform the material handling industry for the better, used Combilift forklifts are your go-to workhorses no matter where you are. Highly maneuverable and cost effective, they are also efficient and extremely safe to operate. They can handle long loads with great precision and stand ready to tackle your warehouse duties and give your work productivity a generous boost.

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