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When it comes to finding a forklift that promises greater performance and return on investment, Hoist offers workhorses you will want to take home with you immediately. With over 100 years of proven reliability and quality engineering, used Hoist Forklifts excel in workplaces with their powerful lifting capacity, durable design, and efficient material handling process. Widely recognized as a brand that boasts of its high-quality trademark, Hoist forklifts will take your business productivity to greater heights and give you the results you have always dreamed of.

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The History of Hoist Forklifts

Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing, Inc. was started in 1980 by Marty Flaska, who began buying, selling, and renting material handling equipment right from his house in the western suburbs of Chicago. As the business expanded, Flaska moved his Forklift Exchange business to New York in 1994, while changing the name of the company to Silent Hoist and Crane. According to Hoistlift.com, Silent Hoist and Crane was later transformed into the well-known Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing, Inc. and soon became “the preferred vendor for high-capacity cushion-tire forklifts for the automotive, steel, and aluminum industries.”

After striving—and succeeding—to make innovative engineering, advanced ergonomics, and superior all-around visibility the cornerstones of all Hoist truck designs, the company was able to produce a steady line of robust forklifts for the material handling industry. Today, Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing, Inc. proudly ships their high performing, heavy-duty forklifts and other lift truck models to companies in the United States and around the world.

A Solid Material Handling Workhorse

Attention to details and quality service are two driving forces behind Hoist Liftruck’s amazing success. By manufacturing premium heavy-duty lift trucks with capacity that ranges from 15,000 lbs. to more than 115,000 lbs., the company demonstrates its innovative and trustworthy characters by only creating material handling equipment and applications that either meet or exceed exacting standards for the power, durability, and speed required of any heavy-duty lift truck. Hoist’s forklift models, created to satisfy very specific customer needs and expectations, include:

The Titan Series
● The FKS Series
● P-Series RoRo
● P-Series
● ECH Series (Empty Container Handlers)
● LCH Series (Loaded Container Handlers)
● P-Series Roachstacker
● Neptune Series
● FR Series (Extendable Frame/ Stackable Counter weight)

All Hoist lift trucks are made in the United States with over 75% of each truck made in-house, and the rest of the parts coming from reputable North American manufacturers. Each Hoist lift truck is equipped with premium components and features to ensure a reliable user experience. Hoist also offers a plethora of attachments to fine-tune your material handling process, giving you greater flexibility, better control, and higher performance no matter how tough the task may be.

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As an ideal partner for all kinds of material handling applications in construction, used Hoist forklifts will tackle tough challenges and complex material handling jobs no matter where you are and what you need. Invest your money today in something that matters by bringing a used Hoist forklift home.

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