Forklift Operation: Essential Facts That Supervisors Need to Know

Managing an industrial workplace means a lot more than maximizing production, it also means keeping employees safe. Worker safety is a direct result of operational guidelines. If you enforce these guidelines and lead by example, the risk of injury is … Continue reading

Forklift Certification: It’s Only The Beginning

Driving a forklift truck without certification is against the law. But, the number of people who apply for jobs, claiming they are accomplished forklift truck operators, might surprise you. You need a wallet card as proof of certification (which you … Continue reading

Top Forklift Fails: Funny, And Not So Much

While the safety guidelines for operating a forklift can seem tedious, cumbersome, and a potential complete waste of time for those already experienced in the warehousing industry, the truth is, they exist for a reason. When forklifts are used properly … Continue reading

Forklift Safety Precautions at the Workplace

The average workplace that operates lifting devices such as forklifts often exposes workers to potentially dangerous hazards and serious physical injury. It is the responsibility of those workplaces to ensure that certain vital safety measures and precautions are followed. This … Continue reading

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