Top Advancements of Forklift Technology

Is your business not on the cutting edge of technology? Are you confused as to how you can get with the modern age and ride the wave of tomorrow? The material handling, supply chain, and logistics industries are evolving organisms that are constantly changing and advancing. You do not even have to buy extra pickup trucks to arrange efficient work, you can just use Flex Fleet Rental’s pickup truck rental options. Technology has never been more robust, easier to use, and simpler to implement. These innovations can be a great tool and component to integrate into your existing processes. If you are wondering whether or not these inventions will be of use to you, we have a few key points to touch upon. These advancements are proven to drive the bottom line, promote safety, and enhance quality. Whether it be fuel cell technology, higher capacity apparatus, or diverse electric material handling devices each of these have made renowned impacts on the environment, daily operations, and the industry at large. Here is the scoop on the top advancements of forklift technology and how they have swept the material handling field by storm:

1) Fuel Cell Technology – One of the biggest overhead costs for any business is fuel. Undoubtedly, the conventional and traditional forklift is powered by old-fashioned petroleum. Normally, businesses consign a large portion of their funds to fuel their material handling fleet. The costs can be exorbitant. However, fuel cell technology has mitigated these costs to put money back in the hands of all those that own vehicles equipped with it. This invention has been implemented across all forms of forklift trucks. As a part of the revolution to move from internal combustion to fully -electric vehicles, fuel cell technology incorporates the best of both. Apparatus equipped with this technology can harness the power of gas with the efficiency of electric. The technology allows these vehicles to switch between the two modes of fuel to lower costs.

2) High Capacity Forklifts With Electrical Capability- According to Modern Materials Handling, there are now high-capacity forklifts that are fully fueled by electric power.  In fact, it is estimated that 65% of the consensus market is powered by electric machinery. There is a misnomer that forklifts fueled be electricity do not have the capability to shoulder heavy loads or take on high capacity projects. However, leaders in the industry have endeavored to develop vehicles equipped to do just that. Now is the best time to get a hold of a high capacity forklift that is also eco-friendly and ergonomic across the board.

3) Diversified Fleet With Enhancements – The material handling industry is filled with cutting-edge innovations geared to tackle a wide range of functions and duties. Modernized enhancements make any fleet that much more versatile because there are more ways to tackle jobs easier. Diversified fleets often come equipped with a smorgasbord of these enhancements and allow your operation to adapt to task-related scenarios, changes in environment, and mitigating circumstances. Technology is the pathway to simplification and precision. It is only appropriate that these same precepts find their way into the material handling trade, as well.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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