Top Forklift Manufacturers of 2016

Top Forklift Manufacturers 2016

Are you in the market for a new forklift in 2016 and unsure of what brand is right for you? There are many forklift manufacturers but few stand above the rest. These few forklift manufacturers have withstood the test of time, they invent new and better products to drive efficiency and productivity and are consistently riding the wave of green technology. Below is a list of the five top forklift manufacturers in 2016 with a brief overview of what makes them stand above the rest.


Komatsu forklifts are best utilized in narrow aisle capacities and transporting pallet loads in large warehouses and distribution centers. Komatsu is one of the top rated and most frequently used material handling choices in many US factories and warehouses. Komatsu’s goal is simple to provide products efficient and productive in managing space utilization. Notable Komatsu products, include the FB Series Electric Forklift, FB-RL Series Electric Reach Truck, FB-M Series Electric Forklift, FD-E Series 10 ton Diesel Forklift Truck, FH Series Diesel Forklift Truck with Hydrostatic Transmission and FG Series Standard Diesel Forklift.


Mitsubishi is known for superior engineering and for integrating their products with the most sophisticated green technologies. Mitsubishi models are designed to deliver superior dependability and fuel efficiency. Mitsubishi’s FD70 Heavy Duty series raises the bar as it is the first forklift rated to lift over 10,000 pounds. Mitsubishi stands behind their assurance of quality, as their standards are considered industry-leading. Many Mitsubishi products feature a Perkins 840 Supercharged engine, giving their devices enhanced power to get the job the done. The most recognized Mitsubishi products, include FB 16/18/20 Series Electric Counterbalanced Three-Wheel Forklift, FBC 16/18/20 Series Electric Counterbalanced Cushioned Wheel Forklift, ESR 15/18/20/23 Series Electric Single Reach Truck, PW/PWT Series and the famous FD70 Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift.


Clark forklifts are highly adaptive, they have been since they paved the way for material handling applications in the early 20th century.  Clark began by leading the charge in introducing the basic prototypes that served as foundation for the modern forklift. Clark forklifts can be deployed in a variety of warehouse and commercial settings. Clark features a robust line of parts and products that can be easily acquired in many regions across the world. In addition, Clark offers ergonomic value and green-friendly technologies with many of their products.  The C line is composed of cushion and pneumatic forklifts, excellent for use in tiers and mezzanines. Clark vehicles boast incredible maneuverability and speed with heavy loads. Some of Clarke’s most well-known creations, include C60/C70/C80 IC Pnuematic Tire Forklift, GEX 40/50 Electric Forklift and the Electric Turret Truck.


In 2016, Toyota rolled out six new forklift products. Toyota has emerged recently as a leader in material handling and forklift operations, filling their products to the brim with the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies and features. Toyota’s most bolstered achievement is the roll-out of their state-of-the-art three wheel forklift which has emerged as industry revelation for their advanced steering capabilities.

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