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We guarantee that the used forklifts you purchase through National Forklift Exchange will be suitable for any possible heavy lifting job you might have. With dozens of models available, we will certainly have the equipment you need at a price that beats any retailer.

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The Top 5 Most Popular Forklift Brands in 2023

The hierarchy of the best manufacturers of forklifts varies from time to time, depending on their prices and what innovative decisions they have come up with. When it comes to businesses and their ability to obtain such machines, the choice of the brand is of crucial importance. 

Neglecting premium-class offers from reputable suppliers while seeking more affordable solutions won’t pay it off later. That’s why online dealers like National Forklift Exchange have gained so much trust these years. It is a second-to-none chance to buy a high-quality design that matches your needs exclusively. To get a kickstart in your research, stay tuned to check the list of the best manufacturers of used forklifts.


Among fork lift brands, Toyota is probably one of the most world-renowned and recognizable suppliers. Reconditioned equipment from the brand doesn’t disappoint — it is sought-after for its reliability, System of Activity Stability for leveled-up security and ergonomics, as well as huge capacities of up to fifty tons.


Whenever you see dependable and reliable brands of forklifts, NFE recommends CAT. It has produced several bestselling models in the inventory and received positive feedback from customers from numerous states in the USA. CAT’s products are designed for a vast range of projects and industries, which makes them irreplaceable equipment for many. In addition, their maintenance won’t be stressful — the majority of CAT forklift parts are available for repairs right away.


Another sample of the best forklift brands is beloved for its green-material handling solutions. Taking into account the 2nd hand nature of equipment at NFE, you gain even more innovative benefits. Its unique power source technology is based on the use of hydrogen fuel, lithium-ion batteries, and other techniques for greater results and more impressive productivity.


If you are new to the market and want to introduce the best forklifts to your employees, the quality of Yale’s equipment is absolutely worth it. Aside from several models to choose from, a comfortable chassis for operators and a smart-control system won’t disappoint your expectations. Their construction is also highly evaluated thanks to its great overhead, front, and rear visibility for drivers.


Clark’s equipment isn’t only a cost-efficient choice thanks to NFE. At the same time, you purchase valuable load-lifting technology for your warehouse. It is the best for cases when you are interested in eighteen thousand pounds and over in lift capacity. A well-thought-out construction is equipped with wet disc brakes and high-end fuel systems for hassle-free and top-notch operation in narrow isles and other challenging conditions in the long run.

Are You Trying to Locate a Second Hand Forklift Online Dealer? Cooperate with NFE with a Reputable Prestige in the USA

Now is the best time to enjoy secure and time-efficient delivery of refurbished equipment from exclusive forklifts manufacturers. This assortment is known for divergent second hand solutions for indoor and outdoor use, as well as its flexible pricing policy for the most satisfactory purchases. Just check it out!

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