What Does OSHA’s New Funding Announcement Mean for the Material Handling Industry?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA is the governing body of workplace safety and continuous improvement across America. In the material handling industry, OSHA is the go-to source for those seeking to improve the welfare of their employees, ensure compliant operations, and derive ways to even be safer in the field than one already aspires to be. OSHA is traditionally known as an enforcer and one that is feared by many for their ability to slap down sanctions at the slightest vision of any kind of non-conformity. Over recent years, OSHA has tried to adopt a new approach to make them friendlier to many businesses. One of these initiatives was taking a leadership role in promoting safety awareness in the workplace. A great example of this is OSHA’s new funding announcement which grants over $10M towards safety training. Here is the scoop on this ground-breaking proclamation.

What The Announcement Means In Short – According to EHS, not-for-profit, community-based organizations, labor unions, start-ups, colleges, universities, and ecclesiastical institutions can take advantage of this source funding. The grant program supports the creation of interactive, in-person, and hands-on training and educational schemes for these aforementioned enterprises. Examples of such initiatives of this include the development of materials for workers and employers in small businesses, industries with high injury, illness, and casualty rates or vulnerable workers such as those with limited fluency in English or temporary employees.

The Potential Impact On The Material Handling Industry– The material handling industry is no stranger to danger. The business is known for being dynamic and challenging, one that constantly places many workers in trying conditions that test endurance. Moreover, the material handling industry is one that can be quite perilous from a wide range of circumstances, including hazardous substances, working in inclement weather, and heavy labor. All of these variables implore those engaged in this discipline to exercise safety frequently and effectively. Thus, where the OSHA grant funding can be of use to any business that specializes in this trade.

How OSHA Funding Can Be Derived and Implemented – If your business is of the material handling trade, you can apply for these grants directly from the source. OSHA wants to give you money to implement a broad range of training schemes and programs, including hazard identification, safety awareness, capacity planning, or personal protective equipment. All of these modules are proven to bolster employee performance whilst also driving safety, efficiency, and productivity. Overall, this can in turn lower workman’s compensation claims, reduce liabilities, minimize potential fines, and of course enhance the culture and morale of personnel. To get started, visit www.grants.gov. It is also important to make sure that your organization is registered with the corresponding System for Award Management in order to obtain a “D-U-N-S” number. This credential serves as a form of identification for any enterprise looking to seek funding. In addition to be mandatory, this also expedites and facilitates the process.

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