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We’ve heard some people call it ‘the squeeze’ – and it can be a real chokepoint in business operations.

It’s the idea that you need effective machines to move goods and materials from one place to another, and when you don’t have what you need, your business suffers. 

No matter what kind of physical product business you have, you can wind up in a scenario where the bottleneck is actually moving items. Suppose you have a new larger warehouse full of inventory but not enough gear to get pallets onto trucks at the quota levels you need to stay afloat.

Or perhaps you don’t have the right equipment with ergonomics and streamlined functionality, so it takes longer to load and unload than you have time for.

These are some of the scenarios where people turn to the National Forklift Exchange for excellent deals on pre-owned, refurbished forklifts and pallet-moving equipment.


Pre-owned Machines

It’s a no-brainer that pre-owned machines are much more affordable in general and an easier way to augment your pallet-moving fleet.

But then people wonder about quality. Our models are thoroughly reconditioned and up to specs in order to provide the results that you need for your business!


Different Types of Machines

We also know that our customers have specific business needs based on their locations, their environments, their staff, and what they are moving. For instance, you may need a narrow aisle forklift to manage a denser warehousing space. Some businesses need rough terrain forklifts for outdoor activities where materials may be laying in a parking lot or some other outdoor area.

So in these cases, one machine is not just like another. There’s a process of customizing the purchase to the need, and that’s part of what we’re here for.

In addition, some companies also need simple pallet-moving equipment like motorized pallet jacks that are essentially a stripped-down version of a forklift or a less-featured model. There is the skid steer control process that is an option for some of these machines but has to do with staff skill and training.


Financing for Used Forklifts

Even if you’re buying a pre-owned forklift, things can get pricey. That’s why we offer up to $250,000 of financing with opportunities directly from the website. Look out for these options as you shop.

We know that when it comes to a big purchase like this, the purchase of an important asset, part of what’s necessary is trust. You have to feel like you’re getting an equitable deal and that the company will stand behind what it sells. But how do you know that?

Browsing the website, you can see our track record with customer businesses and proof that we stand behind our reputation as a top forklift seller!

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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