Comparing the Pros and Cons of Electric and Diesel Powered Forklifts

If you are in the market for a used forklift, such as a used Bendi forklift, and are wondering which kind would best meet your needs, you will certainly want to compare the advantages between an electric and a diesel forklift. Whether you work in a factory, a warehouse or other type of setting that requires the use of a forklift, you will want to do your research to see which kind of forklift will work best for you. While there is no best option for everyone, forklifts that are powered either by diesel fuel or by an electric battery each has its own advantages.

Electric Forklifts

One of the most obvious advantages to using electric forklifts is that they are environmentally friendly. There are no harmful emissions which makes it a healthier option for both the environment, the forklift operator and other workers. The electric forklifts are also much quieter and cleaner to use and are generally more compact and smaller in size. With just an accelerator and a brake, they are easier to drive since they don’t require the use of a clutch.

Less Maintenance Required

The initial start-up cost for electric forklifts are more expensive because a battery and a charger has to be purchased along with the piece of equipment. However, in the long run, they can be less expensive because they do not require the cost of fuel. Electric forklifts also have less moving parts which require less maintenance. The biggest disadvantage of using electric forklifts is that they cannot be used outside in wet weather for prolonged periods of time as this might interfere with the electrical system. If you are only using a forklift indoors, an electric forklift is a great option.

Diesel Forklifts

There are also advantages to using diesel forklifts. These types can be used outdoors in virtually any kind of weather. Another major advantage to running a diesel forklift is that they perform better overall when it comes to acceleration and lift speeds. Because of this, using a diesel forklift gets the job done a little more quickly than by using an electric forklift.

No Unnecessary Hassle

The forklifts powered by diesel gas do emit fumes and other emissions that are typically safe outdoors but when using them inside, it is best to use an exhaust catalyst or purifier. Since these forklifts do not require a battery in order to operate, they can be used anytime as long as there is fuel in the tank, without having to wait for a battery to charge. One added benefit to diesel forklifts is that they are easily serviced by those who have a general knowledge of mechanics.

Another Alternative

As you can see there are many advantages to both the electric forklift and the diesel forklift with the main difference being one is best used for indoor purposes and the other for outdoors. If, however you are still looking for an alternative kind of forklift, there are also forklifts powered by liquified petroleum gas (LPG). Although they are fairly expensive upfront, they are the most expensive to operate and maintain.

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Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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