Forklift Accessories Explained

Forklift AttachmentsForklifts are utility vehicles that are used in industries for a variety of lifting operations. To truly maximize the use of these workhorses, forklift accessories, or attachments, have been introduced into the market. These accessories offer owners operational lifting choices, which allow them to carry out almost any type of job. Because of these flexible, utilitarian extensions, a forklift is no longer limited to merely the moving of loads such as merchandise. The more advanced forklift accessories come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and each of them serve more than just the purpose for which they were designed.

Forklift accessories are designed to complete the lifting job of humans and machines. Every user can turn the lift truck into an optimal work unit for both larger and smaller payloads, in odd and regular shapes. The accessories are exceptionally easy to mount onto the machine; you do not need any extra technicians. The forklift truck’s uses have been redefined because of these attachments. To help avoid injury, standard safety features are included by the manufacturers, which include coated bare steel surfaces, firm hinges, heavy duty metals, and easy mounting.

According to several material handling experts, businesses are able to save billions of dollars by fitting forklift attachments to their lift trucks. The following are the benefits businesses are experiencing with the use of forklift accessories:

1.    Fuel savings

An attachment such as the side-shift helps to reduce the number of movements that a lift truck requires to lift its load. Side-shifters offer the forklift operator flexibility when it comes to placing a load. This is done by allowing the carriage to slide right and left without having to perform fuel- and time-wasting maneuvers. Some lift truck owners have reported fuel savings of up to 50% with the addition of the side-shift attachment.

2.    Productivity is increased

Attachments such as multi-fork positioners allow operators to handle several pallets simultaneously, substantially reducing the handling times and increasing the work that can be completed.

3.    Enhanced safety in the workplace

When working at great heights with no assistance from special equipment, employees are exposed to unnecessary risks. Selected forklift attachments may increase safety allowing your workers to work with more confidence.

Before you decide to obtain any forklift accessories for your business, it is essential that you consult with a professional in regard to the operating environment where you plan to use the forklift. Sometimes challenging conditions that include corrosion, uneven working surfaces or gradients have to be taken into consideration;  other factors such as stability and dimensions that affect the load have to be examined as well.

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