Forklifts Off the Floor: Greatest Forklift Scenes in Pop Culture

Greatest Forklift Scenes in Pop Culture

Greatest Forklift Scenes in Pop Culture

Forklifts are the unsung heroes of the industrial world, operating behind the scenes in factories and freight terminals across the globe. While their presence is ubiquitous and indispensable, the public seldom sees them consuming the goods they move.

At NFE Lifts, we know how much hard work and effort goes into moving materials. Distributing to manufacturers and merchandisers is a process that often needs to be noticed. Forklifts are everywhere, yet easily ignored.

With our team, we recognize the invaluable contributions of these machines and aim to celebrate their presence in popular culture and entertainment. We have created a list of the top three forklift scenes from nationwide favorite movies and television programs. The handpicked moments showcase the sheer versatility and impact of forklifts, which usually goes unnoticed.

Highlighting Best Forklift Scenes in Movies and TV Shows
1. Ride Along 2 (2016)
This buddy cop comedy sequel features a memorable freight-loader fight scene near the movie’s end. In portraying a heavy equipment savant, Kevin Hart’s character disrupts a human smuggling operation by skillfully operating a forklift. He picks up a container and drops it into the danger zone, all while ducking for cover as the loader is attacked by gunfire.
Remarkably, the forklift’s windows remain unbroken, and the rig appears undamaged despite its bulk repeatedly blocking bullets from the bad guys.
Watch the scene here

2. Breaking Bad (TV Series, 2013, Episode 5.04)
In the fourth episode of the fifth and final season of this critically acclaimed series, Jesse Pinkman demonstrates his forklift prowess by expertly maneuvering a Raymond EZ-C Forklift to retrieve a pallet containing four barrels of methamphetamine precursor from an industrial supply depot.
The scene showcases the specific capabilities of this forklift model, which was manufactured and distributed across North America between 2002 and 2006. With its AC Drive, DC Lift, external reservoir, and more giant masts designed for high shelving, the Raymond EZ-C Forklift was a formidable machine for handling consumer goods at the time.
Watch the scene here

3. The Office (TV Series, 2005-2013)
In this beloved sitcom’s “Safety Training” episode, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) attempts to create a forklift safety video, leading to hilarious chaos in the warehouse.
Michael decides to star in his forklift safety video as part of the training seminar for Dunder Mifflin Scranton employees. However, he fails to secure a box properly, causing it to fall onto a nearby employee. Michael then drives the forklift recklessly, crashing into stacks of boxes and storage racks, all while providing nonsensical safety tips like “always have an escape route” and “when driving a forklift, never let anyone stand in front of you.”
The scene culminates in a dramatic explosion after Michael strikes a gas canister with the forklift.
This forklift safety video from “The Office” is a good example of the show’s signature brand of humor. It blends absurdity and satire to create a memorable and hilarious scene. While comical, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of proper safety training and the potential dangers of mishandling heavy machinery like forklifts.
Watch the scene here

Contribute With Us a Professional Forklifts Culture

By showcasing iconic forklift moments from beloved films and television series, we at NFE Lifts aim to illuminate these machines’ indispensable roles in our daily lives.
Too often overlooked and underappreciated, forklifts are the unsung heroes of the industrial world, deserving of recognition for their tireless contributions. By celebrating their appearances on the silver screen, we hope to inspire a newfound appreciation for these workhorses among audiences who benefit from their labor.
Reach out to our experts for other professional and, even funny details about Forklifts!

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