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Used Case forklifts, designed to satisfy your jobsite demands with superior power and productivity, will meet all of your material handling needs. With unmatched performance and backed by years of exceptional durability and efficiency, Case lift trucks are universally loved for their easy maintenance and advanced engine technology.

They are designed for fast delivery, narrow-aisle maneuvering, and offer a wide range of rough terrain forklifts that have been known for their enhanced user experience. Their rough terrain forklifts also feature a 60-degree mast tilt and optional load control to maximize lifting and stacking speeds.

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History of Case Forklifts

CASE Construction Equipment has always been dedicated to providing their customers with world-class products and exceptional aftermarket support. Marking productivity and performance as their cornerstones, the company was founded by Jerome Increase Case in 1842. With an inventor’s spirit, Jerome was credited for manufacturing a type of threshing machine that could thresh 10 times more than the existing hand-powered method.

As the company continues its tradition of innovation and excellence, the name CASE has won the hearts of many warehouse operators, construction workers, and material handling professionals. In recognition of the company’s timeless contribution to the construction industry, the Association of Equipment Manufacturer agreed to induct Jerome Increase Case posthumously into the Construction Equipment Hall of Fame in 2008. Today, CASE remains a powerful figure in the construction and agricultural industry. The company has been continuing to produce a steady line of powerful forklifts and engine-drive equipment to meet the evolving demands of the market.

A Reliable Forklift that Promises to Perform

CASE is committed to developing and delivering products that are of the highest quality. With a keen eye on every customer’s needs, CASE is known for regularly inviting equipment users to participate in their Customer-Driven Product Definition (CDPD) process. Through hosting educational workshops, analyzing customer input, and integrating customer feedback into product design, the forklifts you purchase from CASE today are the byproduct of the most current market demands. Case forklifts promise to increase workplace performance and productivity because everything from CASE is the result of customer input.

The new H-series rough terrain forklifts that recently entered the market in 2011 have been said to “feature a Tier 4 engine with CEGR technology to boost fuel efficiency by at least 5% and deliver faster response time while still meeting current environmental standards.” This development makes CASE the first construction equipment manufacturer to effectively combine both selective catalytic reduction and cooled exhaust gas recirculation as the solution to satisfy the stringent emissions standards. Some of the available Case forklifts include:

• Case 586G (lift capacity: up to 6,000 lbs.)
• Case 586H (lift capacity: 6,000 lbs. – 7,999 lbs.)
• Case 588H (lift capacity: 8,000 lbs. or higher)

Case Forklifts are built for speed and fast delivery. Maintaining Case machines is also extremely easy because the fuel is maximized through specific engine technology and diesel particulate filters. Moreover, CASE also offers a generous collection of forklift attachments and parts to give your forklifts a generous boost.

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