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Why Buy a Used Gradall Forklift?

If you are looking for a reliable workhorse to tackle some of the most arduous material handling jobs in a rough environment, used Gradall forklifts are the perfect solution for you. As a premium rough terrain forklift, Gradall forklifts are specially designed to operate and excel in unimproved natural terrain, as well as coarse and bumpy construction sites. Innovatively engineered for efficiency, comfort, and optimal views of the job site, these tough forklifts will overcome challenging terrains and accomplish your material handling projects with precision and boldness. Work with National Forklift today to track down the perfect used Gradall lift for your work site!

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The History of Gradall Forklifts

During World War II, manpower shortage created a scarcity of laborers to handle construction and other unfinished road and highway projects. Because many men had left the workforce to enlist in the military, the lack of workers prompted Ray and Koop Ferwerda, partners of one of leading highway contractors, to create a powerful machine that would replace manual slope grading work. Through multiple researches and testing, the Ferwerdas were able to develop a machine that can push or pull dirt. From there the idea of inventing a machine that can handle heavy and complex construction works has led to the production of a steady line of innovative, tough Gradall forklifts.

Today, Gradall Industries, Inc. is an established material handling solution provider with over 15,000 excavators proudly bearing the name of Gradall on their plates. As a rough terrain material handling equipment provider, Gradall continues to work hard to inspire the world with their valiant and intelligent rough terrain forklifts.


Tough, Bold, and Intelligent Workhorses

Famous for producing rough terrain forklifts and telehandlers with a 90-degree and rear-pivot steering, forklifts from Gradall have persisted to set new standards for excavator versatility and telehandler productivity every single day.


Introducing Gradall Telehandler

Check out the these Gradall Telehandler forklift models to find one that fits your unique material handling purposes:

• Gradall 524D-2S-3S Telehandler
Made with a 5000 lb. lifting capacity, this rough terrain forklift has a 24 to 32 feet reaching capacity. It is engineered with a 4-wheel drive and rear pivot steering to excel in very tight space and challenging job sites.

• Gradall 534D9-45 Telehandler
As one of the most popular Gradall Telehandler, Gradall 534D9-45 features a 90-degree steering rear pivot option and a 45-foot reach. Great for handling heavy loads up to 9000 lbs., this workhorse is your powerful partner for all industrial applications.

• Gradall 544D10-55 Telehandler
Gradall 544D10-55 Telehandler is the largest machine in the Gradall line. Boasting a stunning 1000 lb. capacity and a 54-foot reach, this forklift gives you the stability and confidence for all kinds of heavy lifting.


Introducing Grandall Excavators

Looking for something powerful and reliable? Here are some trending Gradall Excavator models to tackle your toughest construction jobs:


Highway Speed Wheeled Excavators
Created to travel at the amazing speed of 60mph, this model also comes with a fully tilt 220-degree telescoping boom to get any tricky job done.

• XL 3100 IV
• XL 4100 IV
• XL 5100 IV


Rough-Terrain Wheeled Excavators
Made to be mobile on pavement and roughed surfaces, Gradall’s rough-terrain excavators will dig and demolish, pick and carry large loads with great stability.

• XL 3300 III
• XL 4300 III
• XL 5300 III


Crawler Excavators
Excellent for low-overhead jobs, Gradall crawlers can maneuver on rocks, dirt, and sand to dig, transport, and handle any task with its 110- degree boom tilt and intelligent design.

• XL 3200 III
• XL 4200 III
• XL 5200 III


Industrial Maintenance Machine
Built to withstand the pounding and vibrant sounds that are often involved in the job of industrial maintenance.

• XL 3210 III
• XL 4210 III
• XL 5210 III
• XL 3310 III
• XL 4310 III
• XL 5310 III


Mine Scaling Machine
These tough Gradall mine scaling machines are equipped with high-pressure, load sensing hydraulics to clear the way and get the job done.

• XL 7320 II
• XL 3320 III
• XL 4320 III
• XL 5320 III


Railroad Maintenance Machine
Engineered for superior performance on rails, pavement, and off-pavement, these machines will build and repair railroad crossings with diversified rail gears and an amazing 220-degree tilting telescopic boom.

• XL 3100 IV
• XL 3300 III
• XL 4100 IV


Find Your Gradall Forklift Today

Regardless how tough your work may be, Gradall forklifts render the company’s products usable in even the most challenging terrains. Find your Gradall workhorse today to reap the full benefit of their strength, reliability, efficiency and low cost of ownership tomorrow.

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