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We sell and buy all makes and models of used forklifts. Please use the form on the right to inquire about Hyundai Forklifts products.

Used Hyundai forklifts offer a versatile and efficient material handling experience that promises to improve your productivity, while generously cutting extraneous costs for your business.

Universally appreciated for their reliability and efficiency, Hyundai forklifts are professionally designed by Hyundai Construction Equipment, a company that has maintained its leading role in the heavy industry equipment market since 1985.

With the introduction of Hyundai forklifts in 2000, Hyundai has added a set of extremely reliable products to the construction equipment industry. Their material handling solutions include electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, sit-and-stand reach trucks, tow trucks, diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts and battery-run forklifts.

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History of Hyundai Forklifts

Founded on the vision to deliver construction equipment that demonstrates outstanding performance, Hyundai offers a generous selection of forklifts that range from the smallest pallet truck to the biggest heavy duty lifter. All Hyundai forklifts are designed to achieve the best workplace efficiency and operational experience. No matter what kind of need you have, Hyundai forklifts are a reliable powerhouse that can tackle your material handling chores with surpassing precision and unmatched efficiency.

True to its vision of becoming a global leader in construction equipment, Hyundai Construction Equipment has expanded from North America to South America. They have also established many branches in over 100 countries. In fact, approximately 36,000 units of equipment are specially built in Hyundai’s Chinese production facilities annually before being shipped to dealers worldwide.

A Superb Forklift at an Affordable Price

Innovatively created to merge operator preference, exceptional precision, and lasting performance, Hyundai forklifts offer excellent ergonomic drivers’ space design, centralized design dashboard, and rear-view cameras to maximize operation experience and workplace safety. Their forklifts also include luxury suspension seats for comfort and a one-touch tilting system for easy maintenance. Designed to succeed in various workplaces and aisle widths, Hyundai forklifts feature a short turning radius, allowing you to turn on a dime. Check out the various forklift types Hyundai offers:

• 3-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
• 4-Wheel Electric Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
• Diesel Counterbalance Trucks
• Heavy Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
• LPG Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

Hyundai has decades of experience in delivering solid material handling solutions to satisfied clients around the globe. Hyundai’s new 9 Series forklifts, for example, recently won the Red Dot Design Award for its environmental and technical security. First introduced to the market in 2013, the new 9 Series forklifts are widely loved for their large front operator visibility, convenient controlling equipment system, as well as other engineering features.
All Hyundai forklifts are created for maximum maneuverability, serviceability, and performance. They promise smooth operational experience and improved productivity so that you will never worry about missing a deadline again.

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Hyundai forklifts come in various sizes and lift capacities so you could easily pick and choose, mix and match any forklift model to meet your personal and business demands. It’s time to discover true satisfaction in your powerful workhorses by including Used Hyundai forklifts in your material handling solutions.

National Forklift Exchange sells and buys all makes and models of used forklifts. Please use the form on the right to inquire about Hyundai Forklifts products.

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