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Dedicated to providing superior technical solutions for facilitating consumer efficiency, Linde offers a wide range of forklifts and material handling equipment equipped with a vast array of services which include training, consultations and post-sales support. They offer a competitive catalog, including used Linde forklift trucks that are powered by combustion engine or electric motor.

In addition, Linde forklifts offers an extensive product line consisting of: order pickers, side loaders, high-level stackers, reach trucks and tractors. The organization boasts an excellent rapport with customers, thanks to a deep roster of knowledgeable sales representatives. Furthermore, the material handling equipment producer prides itself on providing reliable and authentic parts for lift trucks matched by a talented team of certified technicians. Purchasing a used Linde forklift will surely increase productivity and success of any worksite. Check out National Forklifts collection for sale below.


Used Linde Forklifts for Sale

Balboa Capital
Linde H35T 8000lb pneumatic tire propane fuel outdoor forklift

Linde H35T 8000lb pneumatic tire propane fuel outdoor forklift

2015 Linde H35T 8000lb pneumatic tire propane fuel...

$13,900 Details

The History of Linde Forklifts

Linde-Baker Material Handling has deep roots in America. The earliest dates of Linde Forklifts date back to 1853, beginning as a wagon repair shop which would eventually evolve in to a manufacturer responsible for creating the world’s first electric ram truck. This innovation aided hard working Americans in transporting heavy steel coils. Linde has a tradition which has proudly threaded itself in to the fabric of American ingenuity.


Honoring Reputation with Progress

Located in the heart of the South, Linde-Baker’s mission is to be the example of superior technical solutions that support greater customer efficiencies. This has been evident and proven true by Linde-Baker’s desire to employ knowledgeable sales representatives, official and certified parts and services technicians and proficient sales support. Investing in a used Linde forklift or lift truck could prove to be profitable. Here are some noteworthy and popular products today:


Notable Linde Products

Linde Class I Sit-Down Electric Counterbalanced Lift Trucks
Linde Class II Electric Narrow-Aisle/Reach Trucks
Linde Class III Electric Warehouse Trucks
Linde Class IV Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Cushioned Tire Lift Trucks
Linde Class V Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks


Why Choose a Used Linde Forklift?

Linde-Baker Material Handling North America lift trucks are diverse and can be utilized in a variety of settings and scenarios. In addition to an extensive line of parts and products matched with superior engineering, Linde offers six different series of products that can best fit a wide variety of clients. Linde is an environmentally aware organization, constantly striving to improve green technology with resource-adept initiatives to promote the improvement and sustainment of the natural environment. Linde products are available by traditional internal-combustion and electrical power.

There are many reasons to purchase a used Linde lift truck. The Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, Class V and Class VI series all offer unique functions and capabilities. Each series features a Linde innovation, such as the Class I which offers electric counterbalance or Class II which excels in extraordinarily narrow corridors and alcoves. The Class III is a great choice for a pallet hand truck and is designed for exceptional performance and enhanced durability in the most oppressive environments. Series IV, V and VI consists of cushion lifts and pneumatic lifts which are often used in various warehouse operations, shipping and receiving tasks and stock and storage.

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