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Often the preferred choice among material handling experts, used Moffett forklifts deliver unmatched results even under the toughest of conditions. Moffett forklifts offer warehouses and other material handling companies the luxury of a flexible portable delivery system, allowing you to deliver any time and to anywhere. As a high-quality, high-performing material handling solution, Moffett is here to secure the productivity and safety of your workplace with innovative designs, efficient deliveries, and solid results.

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The History of Moffett Forklifts

Recognized as the company that revolutionized the material handling world, Moffett is a material handling equipment manufacturer that functions as part of Lift West, Ltd., a local solution with national capabilities for its industry. Established with the mission to transform the way loads, cargos, and other materials are handled and distributed around the world, the company is credited with the invention of the truck-mounted forklift. The Moffett range includes forklifts that are suitable for industrial and commercial applications, as well as off-road conditions. Truck capacities range from 3,300 lbs. to 7,700 lbs., rendering them suitable for a myriad of material handling activities.

Due to the various material handling needs, Moffett also offers a selection of specialized machines to satisfy your unique jobs and purposes. Moffett forklifts carry specific models that are perfect for building, agriculture and animal feed, recycling, poultry operations, gas work, and a number of other commercial and industrial applications. With so many solutions offered to you, it’s no wonder why customers love their Moffett workhorses.

Your Revolutionary Workhorse in the Industry

Robust, flexible, and tough are some words people commonly use to describe Moffett forklifts, and for good reasons, too. Moffett offers great flexibility and an excellent end-user experience thoroughly tested and optimized. The truck mounted Moffett Mounty piggyback forklift, for example, has been reported to exceed even the most stringent requirements under the ANSI B56.6 standards for rough terrain forklifts. Below are some popular truck-mounted Moffett forklifts that are ready to go home with you:

MB 70.3/80.3
● MB 80.3BC
● Moffett M50P Lite/4-Way/M50P/M55P/M55P 4-Way
● M50 Lite 4-Way/M55 4-Way
● Moffett M50 Lite/M50/M55
● Moffett TM50/TM55
● Moffett LP5500/LP5500 4-Way
● Moffett M80BC 4-Way
● Moffett M70BS
● Moffett M40/M45

Each of the forklift models handles very specific jobs. The MB 70.3 and M 80.3 are both Tire 4 Final compliant upgrades of your M70 and M80 models. They are equipped with a hydraulic, three-wheel drive to optimize stability, visibility, and maneuverability. Some models also offer a special 4-way feature to improve driver ergonomics with its 4-way steering and a 90-degree turning option so you can travel sideways in narrow spaces.

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All in all, Moffett forklifts provide the perfect portable solution for you to handle, transport, and deliver your products with precision, efficiency and professionalism. Browse through some of the trending models from Moffett today. You will find quite a few that exceed your expectation.

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