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Known for developing reliable cars and SUVs, Nissan is a name that’s also familiar in the material-handling industry for its reliable and efficient forklifts. Used Nissan forklifts have become a standard in warehouses around the world. Starting in the 1950s, Nissan ventured into the lift-truck business with its first line of forklifts designed exclusively for Japan.

Efficient and Capable Lift Trucks

If you’re looking for a used Nissan forklift for your warehouse or other place of business, National Forklift Exchange can help you find the exact make and model to fit your needs. Whether or not it’s a design that predates the merger with Unicarrier, Nissan forklifts are regarded worldwide as some of the most efficient and capable trucks available today.


Used Nissan Forklifts for Sale

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Nissan CF30 propane fuel 3000lb cushion solid tire warehouse forklifts

Nissan CF30 propane fuel 3000lb cushion solid tire warehouse forklifts

(2) 2010 Nissan CF30 propane fuel 3000lb cushion s...

$9,900 Details

The History of Nissan Forklifts

During the next decade, Nissan’s success as a forklift manufacturer would see exports of its Japanese line making their way to Europe. Here, the west would be introduced to the precision and dedication apparent in the design of these trucks, and demand began to grow. In the 80s, this expanded to include a parts center in Amsterdam and the new European division of Nissan’s industrial machinery. As the quality and reliability became well known throughout the industry, the American market would soon embrace the Japanese manufacturer in warehouses, docks and factories across the country. Today, Nissan forklifts have successfully merged with Unicarrier in order to enhance its lines of lift trucks.


Nissan Electric Forklifts

Nissan’s electric forklifts are built to last with robust and functional construction techniques and materials. This equates to increasing productivity and safety in the workplace during the trucks’ lifespans. With a brushless AC motor system, which incorporates a hydraulic pump and drive motor, these trucks offer an unparalleled level of efficiency. With LCD monitors that deliver real-time operational diagnostics to the driver, even more challenging tasks can be performed with an extra level of knowledge and safety during operation. Combined with a number of different preset modes, these trucks offer great flexibility. With hydraulic power steering, these electric forklifts are easy to navigate and comfortable for drivers, with a full suspension seat placed in an ergonomic control layout. Some of the forklifts we currently have in stock include:

• BX30


› Nissan Internal-Combustion Engine Cushion-Tire Forklifts

For more serious lifting jobs, Nissan’s internal-combustion line of cushion-tire forklifts can lift as much as 3,500 pounds. While some units may be capable of handling heavier loads, the Nissan model has the advantage of being designed to traverse over steeper inclines while transporting a load safely. We often have the following trucks in stock:

• CF35 3500


› Nissan Pallet Trucks

Many pallet trucks, whether or not they’re motorized, often seem to exclude many of the safety and productivity advancements that forklift designs have made over the years. Nissan, however, has chosen to take the concept of the pallet or stacker truck and improve upon it. With smart electric-braking systems that avoid jerky movements while navigating corners, as well as LCD displays that offer a variety of different functions to improve handling, these units are efficient and safe.


Find your used Nissan Forklift today!

If you’re searching for a used forklift for your workspace that can deliver both excellent productivity and safety, consider Nissan. Since the 50s, warehouses have come to rely on the level of quality and durability of Nissan forklifts. National Forklift Exchange can bring that quality to your business by helping you locate and choose the most fitting model at an unbeatable, wholesale price. Call us today at 855-322-1001.

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