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Used Princeton Forklifts provides you with the most powerful and reliable workhorses available today. Forklifts from Princeton will revolutionize work productivity and performance in the very heart of your own warehouse. Princeton designs, manufactures, and sells the PiggyBack brand forklifts that offer a four-way movement for transporting loads like lumber through narrow areas and double-reach masts for one-sided vehicle unloading.

Additionally, Princeton owns a patented ”Easy Hitch Hook Mounting System” that has been recognized as the material handling industry’s fastest, most flexible and easy-to-use trailer or truck mounting system.

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History of Princeton Forklifts

With over a quarter of a century of product innovation, Princeton has always been the forerunner in inventing, improving, and transforming forklift trucks to fit the evolving material handling needs of the construction industry. Founded in 1972 to produce efficient sod harvesting equipment, Princeton introduced its first sod harvesters, as well as its piggy-back design, to make delivery of commercial products easier, faster, and more profitable.

Today, Princeton is a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted forklifts and a provider of revolutionary delivery solutions. The company continually develops and builds innovative new products under the PiggyBack line of forklifts. The capacity of Princeton forklifts ranges from 3,000 lbs. to 7,000 lbs., offering the broadest range of two- and three-wheel drive forklifts for both smooth and rough terrains.

The Industry-Changing PiggyBack Forklift from Princeton

Princeton’s Truck Mounted PiggyBack forklifts can be used to deliver many applications including lumber, brick, drywall, roofing, sod, and more. If you are looking for a hard-working, high-quality forklift for your warehouse, construction project, or lifting/stacking job, Princeton offers the following forklift models to help you to achieve maximum efficiency:

• PB50 Forklift: specializes in rough terrain deliveries and is by far one of the most popular models for its versatility, stability, and rugged design.
PBX Forklift: has the “S.O.L.O.” (Single-side Off-Load Operation) feature and a 5000 lb. weight capacity, making it an ideal choice in highly congested or obstructed construction sites.
PBL Forklift: indisputably a reliable and powerful material handling solution that comes with anti-stall hydraulics, 31" pneumatic sealed tires, center seating, and 59 HP turbo diesel engines.
PB45 Forklift: engineered to have excellent ground clearance and a low center of gravity, PB45 comes with two reach mechanism options of scissors reach or moving mast.
Z1 Forklift: a smaller and lighter model that is perfect for delivering industrial supplies, storage containers, and more.
E50 Forklift: equipped with Scissors Reach and a 5,000 lb. weight capacity, E50 offers a left-side seated alternative and can unload from one side.
D45 Forklift: turns quickly and with great precision, while offering superior traction and power even in the most adverse conditions.

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Used Princeton forklifts are extremely versatile, efficient, and reliable. Do not miss another work day without your faithful Princeton workhorses. Take one or two home with you today!

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