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Used TCM forklifts are easy to use and are ideal for everyone from beginners to experts, procuring maximum productivity and a judicious approach to material handling. TCM has transcended worldwide markets, developing global logistics systems that integrate high-quality customer service. In their relatively young existence, TCM has developed a reputation for producing forklifts that are heralded for their reliability and maneuverability in demanding material handling applications.

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The History of TCM Forklifts

Founded in 1949, TCM, otherwise known as Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co. Ltd, began as a crafty inventor that supplied Japan with their first forklift in 1949. This success was soon followed up by the first export of these devices to Taiwan in 1950 and subsequently the completion of the FE-T-275, Toyo’s first electronic forklift. TCM is known as a figurehead in the material handling and manufacturing industry, collaborating with fellow industry chieftain, Clark. 1960 would serve to be another landmark campaign for Toyo, constructing the first torque-converted forklift in the world.

Globally Expanding and Networking

TCM would only continue to expand its global prevalence throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, and would soon establish depots and headquarters in Belgium, South Africa and West Germany. By the end of the twentieth century, TCM would fully evolve into a world-wide conglomerate, affiliating with organizations across the world to develop the best material handling technology. Additionally, TCM would also establish strongholds in France and Thailand. In 2006, Toyo Carrier Manufacturing hosted an inaugural world conference in Bangkok. Today, TCM has subsidized Hitachi and Nissan construction machinery into their overall network of operations.

Notable TCM Products:

• Unicarrier A-1 Series Cushion Tire Gas Forklifts
• Electric Rider Forklift
• Electric Reach Truck and Order Picker
• Hand Pallet Jack
• IC Pneumatic Heavy Duty

Why Choose TCM Forklifts?

TCM Forklifts has one of the most dynamic and diverse catalogues available. Conveniently, TCM Parts are easy to acquire and are sold in many online distributors and retailers. This is one of the most compelling features of any used TCM forklift or used TCM lift truck. There are variety of different models to choose from; one of the most frequently purchased or cited model is the WB 60/80. The WB 60/80 is a simple walk behind pallet handler that can lift loads of 6,000 to 8,000 pounds.

TCM features three distinct electric pallet trucks that each offer incentives to purchase and use. In addition to the WB 60/80, TCM offers the ER 60/80 which is an electric rider pallet truck; and the CR 60/80 which has programmable loading speeds. These options and features have made TCM products a highly coveted and trusted ally throughout the material handling industry. These universally adept devices have been used successfully in distribution centers, grocery stores, hardware retail and transportation and logistics operations.

TCM offers a high degree of functionality to all their machines and products and thus they have been extremely competitive in their short history. Furthermore, the A-1 series has showcased a line of UniCarriers that offer a wide array of distinguishing parts and features. In addition, the A-1 series complies with a superior level of safety compliance, utilizing asbestos-free brake shoes and cushioned tires with consideration to employee safety.

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