Used Forklift vs. New Forklifts

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Cost and efficiency are factors to consider when deciding to purchase a new or used forklift. Many resources are available to help you search for lift vehicles that Used Forklift vs. New Forkliftsare for sale by name, brand, year or model. Of course, cost can be a motivator when purchasing a machine, and rightly so. A lift that was previously owned can cost 50% less than a new lift. But does this low price come at a high cost? Below are a few helpful guidelines to consider before taking the leap.


Buying a Used Forklift


Advantages of Used Forklifts

Aside from cost savings, availability of parts can be a major concern among newer models. In a search bar, type “used forklift parts” and you will be presented with over 8,470,000 results, which will make purchasing parts for your forklift much easier. Many used forklift distributors offer excellent guidance on buying a used lift.


Disadvantage of Used Forklifts

Just like any other used vehicle, a used lift will have wear and tear that a new one will not. If you decide to buy a used lift, make sure to get a detailed report of previous maintenance issues. If the lift was properly maintained since it was purchased new, this may not be an issue. Take into consideration what the lift has been used for and for how long. Experts agree that if a lift will be used for less than four hours a day, then it’s better to buy used one.


Buying a New Forklift


Advantages of New Forklifts

As stated above, if you know you will be using a lift for more than four hours a day, purchasing a new lift is encouraged. New models are equipped to handle longer hours at a consistent pace where a used model is better suited for occasional use and not every day. The issue of a warranty may also be a reason to buy new. New lifts come with a warranty that is usually between 12 and 36 months.  A used lift may come with a limited warranty that is often around three months. A warranty may be of extreme importance to you and that can be a deciding factor when choosing to buy a new or used lift.


Disadvantages of New Forklifts

Higher price is generally the main factor that tends to push people away from purchasing a new lift since a well-maintained and repaired used lift is generally attainable at an affordable price. A first-year production model can present a wrinkle or two that will be ironed out by the manufacturer in subsequent years. So, the question remains, new or used? Hopefully we have cleared up some confusion and maybe you have an idea of what you are looking for. Both alternatives are designed to fit the needs of a buyer looking for something specific. Knowing what you want and what the needs of your business are, will make the process a smooth ride.

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