3 Misconceptions About Used Forklifts

Are you looking to purchase a used forklift but find yourself hesitating? There are many misconceptions that accompany used forklifts and as a result many risk savings on an annual basis to their material handling operation. However, there is good news. Contrary to many beliefs, not all used forklifts are subpar or have unfixable issues, and they do not depreciate rapidly. In fact, used forklifts offer a tremendous amount of upside given the fact they require less up front and can have extended longevity if they are taken care of properly. Here are three common misconceptions about used forklifts and the truth:

1) “Used” Is Synonymous With Subpar – This is the farthest thing from the truth. If anything, used forklifts are less likely to be inadequate, as they undergo extensive evaluation before they are sold off. For the car owners out there, the term certified pre-owned may resonate. The same rules that apply to any automobile also applies to a forklift. A used forklift that is set to be re-sold on competitive markets has to be maintained and repaired up to a satisfactory grade. When you are looking at used forklifts for sale you are not looking at scrap leftovers. Instead, you are looking at a machine that has undergone all kinds of quality assurance and regulatory compliance measures to assure it is safe, efficient, and appropriate to use.

2) Used Forklifts Will Always Have Unfixable Issues – Once again this is nothing more than a myth. According to Albahar, used machinery is certainly prone to certain mechanical and technical issues, but this can be mitigated and averted with the right strategy. Very simply, one can choose machines precisely by conducting a thorough before-purchase equipment inspection. In addition to determining the appropriate inventory to handle prospective issues as they emerge, reliable used equipment sellers only sell equipment that is capable of performing as promised. This means if a problem were to emerge, these dealers will have only authorized used machinery available for your vehicle.

3) Used Forklifts Depreciate Early – Actually, the opposite may be the case. In comparing forklifts once again to a car, the most depreciation for any vehicle is in the early stages of use. Simply driving a new car or putting a new forklift to use can cost the owner thousands off the bat. On the contrary, a used forklift may have undergone most of its depreciation before the new owner ever places a hand on it. As a result, used forklifts can actually offer tremendous value given the fact that they only produce returns for the more longevity owners get out of them.  This narrative is classed as perhaps the most common misconception. Furthermore, this notion has great influence and sway over a business owner or construction site manager’s decision to invest in used equipment. The true difference maker is maintenance, oversight, and proper use. If you wish to make the most of your used forklift all you have to do is take care of it.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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