3 Important Benefits of Choosing a 4 Wheel Forklift

3 Benefits of Choosing a 4 Wheel Forklifts You Need to KnowAre you stuck between selecting between a three-wheel and four-wheel forklift? Are you leaning toward a four-wheel forklift but unsure if it will be an asset to your material handling fleet? Have no fear, there are many benefits to choosing a four-wheel forklift and the rewards of doing so are bountiful. While many may categorize both three-wheel and four-wheel forklifts indiscriminately as a matter of style, there are in fact operational differences. Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits of choosing these sophisticated and dynamic vehicles:

1) Power of a 4-Wheel Forklift

Simply put, a four-wheel forklift can generate more power than a three-wheel forklift because it generally has more torque. Furthermore, these material handling appliances are excellent for heavy lifting and they can usually take on wider and larger loads simply because they are more immense vehicles than typical three-wheel forklifts. The end result is simple, these devices have more power and when you need that power on an exhaustive load or work project, the four-wheel forklift will not let you down. In fact, some of these vehicles can really shoulder loads of huge quantities, as some are graded to carry loads in excess of 8,000kg.

2) Handles Rough Terrain 

There are many hazards that await forklift operators in rough terrain. Typically, the weather can have a great impact on the landscape and in the case of rough terrain it is essential that operators have a device they know they can count on. Rough terrain when soaked by rain can flood or provide poor traction due the accumulation of mud. Additionally, snow and ice can also compromise the ground itself and foster a huge abundance of troubles and difficulties. However, four-wheel forklifts have an extra wheel and that extra wheel pays dividends. These devices are generally lower to the ground and have a lower center of gravity. Also due to their heightened proliferation of power, these vehicles can overcome challenging environments and negotiate uneven grounds.

3) Excellent Handling

According to H&F Lift Trucks, turning in a four-wheel lift truck is defined as more stable. For novice or beginner operators this is likely a more assured form of operation. Turning is everything when it comes to avoiding a potential hazard at the last minute, it is always an excellent reassurance to know these vehicles won’t tilt or tip over in the case of an extreme turn. These scenarios are more likely in three-wheel forklifts which in turn hosts another form of trouble. While four-wheel forklifts may take up more space, you are certainly getting safety and security in return which is paramount for inexperienced drivers and for personnel at large.

Are you sold on a four-wheel forklift? Many of the industry’s leaders in material handling appliances feature a comprehensive line of these vehicles. Almost all are offered counterbalanced and there are many used and new forklifts available up to this specification. To get started, simply browse through many of the featured products in the equipment catalogue.

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