3 Types of Forklifts Optimal for Heavy Lifting Tasks

3 Types of Forklifts Optimal for Heavy Lifting TasksOwning a forklift capable to tackle heavy lifting and high capacity operations can be a true aid to any business, manager, or employee that takes on these difficult tasks. There are many makes, brands and models of forklifts but there are specific varieties of forklifts that have bolstered a reputation for getting the job done. With demands changing and material handling processes becoming seamlessly integrated in advanced supply chain management practices, wholesale, and bulk operations have become the foundation of the modern procurement industry. For many organizations, it is fundamental to have a reliable and durable fleet of lift trucks ready to complete the job. With respect to this notion, we have narrowed down the list for prospective buyers in the market for a new forklift or for those simply seeking an upgrade. Here are the most reliable forklifts for heavy lifting tasks:

1) Heavy Duty Forklifts

Heavy Duty Forklifts are high capacity fork lift trucks have been designed to make light work of the heaviest loads and challenging conditions. Many of these material handling appliances come equipped with a diesel engine, rated to provide the necessary power to match the strength of these sophisticated machines. As a result this makes intense and rigorous operations far easier to execute and allow any organization to meet complex objectives. According to Hyster, some heavy duty forklifts can lift up to 48 tons of cargo.

2) Truck Mounted Forklifts

Truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are one-of-kind technology when it comes to most other forklifts. Operators are rewarded with the ability to transport goods faster due to the powerful engines that are often featured in these devices. Truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are a great option for heavy lifting. These vehicles can cover large areas in smaller periods of time. This is also proven true in loading and unloading which is simple and can take less than a minute to perform. These particular forklifts also allow for flexibility for any operator to unload and load their haul with the use of efficiently resourceful and durable pneumatic tires. Furthermore, truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are available with either diesel or electronic engines and are rated to carry a capacity of 4,000 to 8,000 pounds.

3) Reach Forklifts

Reach forklifts allow operators to broaden their reach while tackling high capacity operations. Reach forklifts are great for warehouses that feature mezzanines or tiers to stack that products. However, many narrow-aisle forklifts are not rated to take on such intense operations, thus reach forklifts offers the flexibility to store packages and goods at record heights.

There are many options to select from and many more manufacturers that make a wide range of these vehicles, readily available to be customized to specification. Heavy lifting can be cumbersome but with the right forklift, it is easily manageable.

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