5 Advantages of Fork Positioners

Forklift truck in warehouse. 3d illustration.If you are looking for enhancements or optimizations to be integrated into your warehouse or any material handling application, look no further than fork positioners. These appliances offer a wide array of benefits, including contributions to storage, receiving, logistics and shipping.  Here are five ways that fork positioners can help maximize your warehouse operation:

1)  Operators Can Remain Seated Instead Of Manually Moving The Fork Spread  

In a safety-first environment, this can be a wonderful addition. Operators can now foster and hone a safety-first approach to existing operations by moving fork spreads from a seated position as opposed to having to delve into any hazardous or risky situations to maneuver the fork spread. The result of this is personnel being less prone to injuries while also reducing down-time and idling for manual movements.

2) Conserve Fuel

A great way to reduce your operating budget is to limit costs and reduce overhead. Fuel is a known agent of driving up expenditures. However, fork positioners once again bode economical value as much as they bolster safety and welfare. The direct result of incorporating these into your fleet is enhanced savings on fuel costs across the board.

3) Reduce Damage To Products and Pallets

According to Forklift Accessories, fork positioners have been known to greatly improve load handling times while at the same time helping to limit truck wear, and even damage to pallets and products in the active inventory. In addition to this, fork positioners assure that a forklift’s forks are always in the ideal position for the load being handled which in turn results in less chance of an accident occurring to the product, component or goods being handled. Not only can this prevent damages but it also can reduce the likelihood of a workplace incident which again is always a positive.

4) Easy Installation

Fork positioners are easy to install. In fact, many leading and current fork positioners can be installed swiftly in just a few minutes without the need for welding or retrofitting. Depending on the variety selected, you can attach the fork position using hook-on style forks, bolt-on forks and weighing forks that can measure the weight of any given load. This makes a wonderful complement standardized operating procedures and/or quality assurance measures and regulatory compliance with shipping grades. Fork positioners with their ease of use are a wonderful and efficient accessory to have available.

5) Overall They Make Any Forklift More Versatile

As reinforced by Forklift Warehouse, fork positioners are available to suit most nearly every type of operation, including narrow aisle, zero closing units and extra wide opening units that extend far beyond the width of the truck. This flexibility and adaptability in application allows your forklift to perform in a wider range of situations, making it more versatile. Practitioners of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies would confer that these resources will assuredly boost productivity and efficiency, which raises the bottom line for any modern enterprise.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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