5 Lift Trucks Recommended for Heavy Loads

Lift trucks make the moving of heavy loads an easy matter.  Anywhere where handling power is required, a lift truck can help safely and reliably handle the load.  The design of a lift truck is a matter of function; if height is required, a reach stacker is useful.  For fast container handling, an empty container handler will perform the job.  For flexible handling of general cargo or pallets, a fully powered stacker, order picker, or reach truck can help. Here are five lift trucks that can reliably help you handle various containers or heavy cargo.

Fully Powered Stackers

Electric fully powered stackers are the lift truck that come to mind to most people, as these are the stackers often in the public eye in small warehouses and retail sales floors.  These stackers enable the user to move and lift pallets, make compact turns.  With battery powered lift capability, the control stick enables the user to effortlessly raise or lower heavy loads.  The U-Line Straddle Stacker boasts a capacity of 2200 lb, and adjustable legs can accommodate palettes of different sizes.

Order Picker

Order pickers are versatile forklifts that enable the operator safe and secure control over the handling of heavy loads in warehouses.  Order pickers blend lift, steering and traction control, and plenty of performance-enhancing features to allow the user to pick heavy items off of shelves.  An order picker such as the Toyota 6-Series electric 3,000 lb capacity model enables versatility, comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

Reach Stacker

A reach stacker is a common sight in rail and harbor terminals or container depots.  Reach stackers such as the Terex model can handle a high load capacity of up to 45 tons, stacking 20’ to 40’ containers to a height of up to 6 containers.  A rear-view camera, safe load indicator, and many other special equipment options allow the user to adapt this lift to individual requirements.

Empty Container Handler

An empty container handler is specifically tailored for moving and stacking empty freight containers in terminal environments.  Empty container handlers have various lifting capacities, travel speeds, and height extensions to suit a variety of needs.  The Kalmar empty container handler has excellent maneuverability, ergonomic design, and cost-effective operation.  The flexible design takes advantage of side spreaders, which give the user the option of single or double stacking handling.  The user can choose between four capacities of 7, 8, 9, or 10 tons for a stacking height of 8 + 1 cargo containers.

Reach Truck

Reach trucks such as the Cat line incorporate hydraulic cylinders into their profile, enabling a narrower and stronger mast as compared to conventional, non-hydraulic lifts.  The reach truck is designed to handle long loads in narrow aisles, yet flexibly maneuver in forward, backward, and sideways dimensions with a steering system that is superior to a standard electric fully powered stacker.  The Cat NRM25K can handle 2.5 tons capacity, making the reach truck a more suitable lift truck for heavier cargo stacking as compared to a fully powered stacker.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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