5 Things To Look for When Buying a Used Forklift


When purchasing a used forklift, there are many considerations that need to be made. First and foremost is price and disseminating how to purchase a vehicle that stays within budget. Second is value. Value can be derived from a variety of variables, including expected usage, anticipated lifespan and the function and role of the device itself. There are many different manufacturers that all offer innovative technology to help any organization meet their material handling needs. This is a precept that is not exclusive to new forklift consumers, but also those seeking to purchase a used machine as well. When purchasing a used forklift, it is essential to research and determine the right model that fits the ideal material handling capacities. Here are five things to look for when purchasing a used forklift:

Research Repair History

With used forklifts, it may be difficult to ascertain its repair history or any functioning problems the device may have had over the span of its life. It is imperative to assure that any used forklift is acquired from a reputable dealer or distributor that can provide a comprehensive history of the use of the machine and any problems that it may have occurred over the course of its life.

Type of Forklift

When shopping for a used forklift, it is important to understand the kinds of forklifts and identifying which forklift best suits the organization. For example, narrow aisle forklifts are generally cheaper than larger forklifts. Narrow aisle forklifts often require less maintenance and less fluids to operate as their function is simple and limited. Narrow-aisle forklifts are ideal for tight mezzanines and tiers where traditional forklifts are cumbersome and virtually inoperable. However, traditional forklifts are more ideal for heavier bulk and cargo. In summation, use of forklifts are situational. With respect to this, it is prudential to assure that the job fits the device and the personnel operating these devices are readily capable of handling the addition to the fleet.

Gas or Electric?

Electric forklifts are a modern innovation and thus it is all the more difficult to find a used forklift that incorporates this green technology. Generally, electric forklifts are rarer to find but are offered at competitive prices to that of its legacy competitors, the gas forklift. As technology continues to improve, the electric forklift will be more common and gas forklifts will essentially age out. It is essential to make the determination of which type of material handling appliance to commit to.

Try to Acquire A Warranty 

Warranties can be an exceptionally beneficial tool, especially when acquiring a used forklift. Warranties may raise the price more than desired, but in the long-term a warranty can yield bountiful savings. If this feature is available, this is an addition that must be had at all costs, especially when you consider buying a used forklift. Warranties can insure parts of the forklift for up to the remainder of the life of the machine. As a result, any repairs or malfunctions that occur will be handled and completed free of charge, saving any owner thousands of dollars.

Training Regimes

As mentioned previously, it is important to determine the capability of personnel to successfully handle and operate any used forklift. With this being established, it is important to determine the functionality of the device in the facilities and premises. Is the used forklift that is to be purchased similar to that of the current fleet, or would the addition require additional training of all personnel? This investigation can reduce costs and improve efficiency if administered properly.  

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Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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