5 Tips to Increase Forklift Battery Life

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Have you found your forklift battery suddenly growing weak? Does your battery frequently malfunction or fail to maintain a proper charge? Make no mistake about it, a properly functioning battery is vital to the success of every operation and also essential for robust performance of your forklift. There are many ways to increase your forklift’s battery life and ensure your machine gets the most power and functionality for the longest period of time. Here are five ways you can enhance and increase forklift battery life:

1) Charge At The End of An Eight Hour Shift

Many experts decree that charging a battery at the end of the an eight hour shift is a great way to enhance the lifespan of your battery and increase its performance. Prior to operation, it is prudent to check your battery to assure it is fully charged and ready to go. Over the span of the shift, be sure to keep an eye on the percentages as a battery that depletes rapidly could be a sign of some further issues in the device itself. At the end of the shift, charge your battery back to 100%. Doing this on a regular basis will yield dividends.

2) Maintain The Battery

This is a basic but imperative concept. Maintaining the battery means making sure it does not deteriorate. Notable steps you can take is making sure the terminals are of optimal condition, preventing rust and corrosion and checking the battery for any form of leaks of battery acid. Not only will this avoid a hazardous scenario but it will ensure your battery is well maintained and properly taken care of.

3) No Over “Discharging”

This basically means discharging over 80% of the battery. This is also a big no-no. According to Battery University, certain discharge loads actually shorten battery life. This is a rudiment for all to take on board and consider. Depending on what kind of battery you own, the discharge curves are all different. Thus it is important to ascertain what model and type of battery you own and the proper channels to prevent this phenomenon.

4) Charge In A Well-Ventilated Area

This is another instruction that is based on adhering to basic fundamentals. Charging your battery in well-ventilated area allows it to properly charge without occlusions or any form of disruption. This is imperative be that in many cases failing to do so can cause an increase in oxidation, which bodes many hazards for your battery’s longevity. Rust is a byproduct of oxidation and poses a major threat to any battery if it builds up in abundance. Charging your battery ideally in a cool and dry climate that is well-ventilated yields optimal results.

5) Avoid “Quick-Charges” 

Unfortunately, there is no quick charge. Charging a battery to full power may take a substantial amount of time. Anything otherwise is incorrect. For those that believe they can charge their battery for a handful of minutes before a shift, this is not only inefficient but extremely dangerous to the battery, the device and the operator themselves.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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