Why Your Business Needs Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Why Your Business Needs Explosion-Proof Forklifts Explosion-proof forklifts, such as the EE Forklift, EX Forklift, EX Pallet Truck and EX Walkie Stacker, are necessary equipment in explosive and hazardous environments. They are also necessary for any business that manufactures, ships … Continue reading

7 Most Common Causes of Lift Truck Accidents

With approximately 1 million active forklifts in the United States and 1.5 million truck operators, our country has become one of the largest lift distributors in the world. And with the manufacturing, logistics and warehouse industries growing each year, industrial … Continue reading

3 Quick Tips for Forklift Accident Prevention in the Industrial Workplace

The Internet is loaded with tips for workplace safety, but maintaining a responsible workforce takes a lot more than passing out written guidelines to employees. Safety maintenance is an ongoing process that requires regular assessments, qualified supervisors, and discipline when rules … Continue reading

Forklift Operation: Essential Facts That Supervisors Need to Know

Managing an industrial workplace means a lot more than maximizing production, it also means keeping employees safe. Worker safety is a direct result of operational guidelines. If you enforce these guidelines and lead by example, the risk of injury is … Continue reading

Staying Safe by Knowing Your Forklift’s Limits

Forklifts are used for lifting, stacking, or transferring loads in warehouses, factories, shipping yards and other work areas all over the globe. They are the ideal solution to handling of heavy loads effectively and efficiently. Like with any other piece … Continue reading

Secrets to Avoid Buying a Forklift “Lemon”

When buying any piece of expensive, complex industrial equipment, it’s important to arm yourself with the information that you need to find a quality deal.  Not only will careful preparation help you avoid wasting capital, but you’ll also be in … Continue reading

Pre-Shift Safety Inspections

Forklift operators and material handling professionals perform pre-shift safety inspections on their equipment for various reasons. Some of these professionals perform these inspections as a formality, because company policy dictates it. Such people are usually unable to avoid the temptation … Continue reading

Forklift Certification: It’s Only The Beginning

Driving a forklift truck without certification is against the law. But, the number of people who apply for jobs, claiming they are accomplished forklift truck operators, might surprise you. You need a wallet card as proof of certification (which you … Continue reading

Top Forklift Fails: Funny, And Not So Much

While the safety guidelines for operating a forklift can seem tedious, cumbersome, and a potential complete waste of time for those already experienced in the warehousing industry, the truth is, they exist for a reason. When forklifts are used properly … Continue reading

Top 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Warehouse Against Forklift Damage

There’s no doubt about it – forklifts are an essential part of a modern warehouse.  These trucks are literally the heavy-lifters in any industrial facility.  Be it a simple walkie-stacker or a more complex order picker unit – forklifts aren’t … Continue reading

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