Top 17 Most Common Questions (with Answers) for a Forklift Exam

Getting certified to operate a forklift requires passing a theory exam that tests your knowledge of safety procedures, equipment operations, and regulations. To help prepare for your forklift certification, forklift exam, or forklift driver license test, here are the top 17 most common questions with detailed answers: Continue reading

Mastering Forklift Operation: Advanced Driving Techniques and Safety Protocols

Operating a forklift, or powered industrial truck, is a critical responsibility that requires extensive training, practiced skill, and an unwavering commitment to safety, In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore advanced driving techniques and essential safety protocols to help you…. Continue reading

Clearing the Air: How Forklifts Reduced Injuries

Prior to the advent of powered lift trucks in the early 20th century, warehouse and loading dock work involved grueling manual material handling. Workers endured back-breaking labor hauling, lifting, and stacking often heavy crates or pallets by hand. Without regulations governing workplace safety, injury rates soared. The introduction of forklifts brought not just efficiency gains, but vastly improved ergonomics and reduced warehouse accidents. Continue reading

Small but Mighty: The Rising Need for Compact Lift Trucks

This growing need for small-scale lift trucks has led to innovative aisle lift trucks and compact forklift designs, that provide power and maneuverability to access confined storage areas… Continue reading

Forklift Lite: The Guide to Selecting Pallet Jacks and Pallet Trucks

Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks, are essential tools in warehouses, retail stores, and other operations that handle large quantities of inventory and merchandise. Choosing the right type of pallet jack for your needs can make transportation and storage … Continue reading

Tips for Employee Materials and Handling.

Every product we own as consumers has been on a forklift at some point in its lifecycle and we owe much to the many certified forklift operators worldwide for their expertise in handling those materials. Tips for productivity. The amount … Continue reading

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