Offering Forklift Appraisals

Are you looking to sell your forklift? Or maybe trade in your lift for its market value? Then you’re probably asking yourself, “how much is my forklift worth?” – well, you’ve come to the right place! The experts at National Forklift Exchange offer extensive forklift appraisals. With years of experience in the industry, our forklift evaluations can calculate the ideal fair market value of your forklift to ensure you are receiving the best possible pricing when you look to sell or trade in your lift. By just providing a few details about your equipment, our team can work with you to determine just how much your used forklift is worth View the next steps below to begin your forklift appraisal process.


How to Get Your Forklift Appraised

  • Send our team high quality photographs of the equipment being appraised
  • Provide significant information including make and model number, age, and condition
  • Include the type of lift, fuel source required, and any other pertinent details that would have affected the forklift’s overall function and workability. Any previous damage? Was it strictly used indoors? How often was it used, hours per day? Were there previous owners How often was the equipment maintained?
  • Include asking price you are hoping to get for the forklift


Reach Out To Our Team Today

The more information you can provide us about the equipment, the more accurate of an appraisal can be given to your forklift. Following the determination of the value and worth of your equipment we can then assist in listing your forklift on our website and work to find you a buyer guaranteeing you’re getting the best possible pricing for you lift. Our experienced team has year of forklift appraisals under their belt and will truly work to provide you the best value – don’t risk working with resellers who are only looking to get the best deals for themselves.

Following your forklift appraisal and listing of your equipment, be sure to explore our extensive forklift inventory to replace your lift. National Forklift Exchange can help you find the exact material handling equipment for your warehouse, and if we don’t have the exact piece of equipment, you’re looking for we can work with you to track down the lift for you. Contact our team today for more information to start your forklift appraisal!

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