Forklift Maintenance for Beginners

To ensure that a forklift is safe during operation, the driver should review a checklist before the beginning of a work shift to ensure the utmost forklift maintenance and safety. If the forklift is in need of even a small repair, it should not be used until such repair is made.
Keeping equipment in good condition and operating it under safe circumstances will increase its lifespan, and in turn provide more value. Regular maintenance and proper checklist procedures will keep from losing productive time fixing a malfunctioning forklift. The tips below will help develop a preventative maintenance program:

  • A comprehensive checklist is necessary for a thorough preventative maintenance program. In addition to the operator, a maintenance technician service provider will be able to use this checklist for inspections that ensure quality analysis of the forklift according to the equipment type and operating environment.
  • Find a service provider to suit your needs. A provider who maintains records of the forklift’s performance and working environment is well worth the investment, as they will be able to customize a maintenance plan to fit specific requirements.
  • Proper cleaning of a forklift is an essential part of maintenance. Almost all working environments cause forklifts to come into contact with dirt and debris, which can build up in the machinery. A maintenance technician will blow out the radiator, replace dirty filters with new ones, and wipe down the hydraulic cylinders.
  • After cleaning, the machinery should be thoroughly lubricated with quality oils to ensure ease of movement, which will reduce wear.
  • Use replacements parts that meet the standards for your particular forklift. Used replacements parts are suitable as long as they meet the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Keep in mind that preventative maintenance servicing should be conducted on a regular basis. Most forklift manufacturers recommend maintenance procedures every 150-200 hours of operation, so be sure to keep in touch with your maintenance provider in order to continue with an appropriate schedule.
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