Forklift Spotlight: Gas Forklift

If you’re looking to replace some of your company’s tired forklifts or you are looking to expand the size of your fleet, the choices can seem pretty overwhelming. What you’re looking for in a forklift depends mostly on the needs of your business, but some needs are pretty constant across the board. You want something efficient and fairly versatile, for sure. You also have to consider the cost. One of the biggest factors to consider is whether to go for electric, propane, diesel or a gas forklift. Certainly, experts can make arguments for each type, but the benefits of choosing a gas forklift are pretty universally accepted.



Gas forklifts are incredibly versatile and efficient. For one thing, they are lower in noise and exhaust emissions than diesel models, which means they can be great for use indoors as well as outdoors. Some would even go so far as to call them environmentally friendly, as they emit less carbon and don’t produce lead or soot, so the operators themselves and surrounding workers are also safe. Because they can be used both indoors and outdoors, the amount of work a gas forklift can do on a single job site is incredible. From outdoor moving to indoor lifting, you get a lot of bang for your buck, as the old saying goes, and definitely a great asset to any business.


Safe and Easy to Use

Even new operators can learn how to use these machines. That’s a huge advantage when you’re trying to cross-train operators. There are tons of modern safety features, which also improves ease of use. Also, unlike electric models, gas forklifts don’t require a charging bay and there’s no waiting period while the machine charges. Refueling from a cylinder is easy to do, and it can virtually be done from anywhere, and on an as-needed basis. Some gas forklifts can even carry their own mall tank to make refueling even more convenient. Gas can even be kept pretty much anywhere on site, unlike propane which comes with its own storage and safety rules. These kinds of benefits translate into fewer opportunities for misuse and job site accidents.



Gas itself is robust and efficient, which means you get a great deal of strength without a large price tag. Gas forklifts are capable of lifting large, bulky materials easily yet cost less per day than other kinds. Production efficiency always means a good return on investment, and we all could use a little relief in our pockets these days. A gas forklift will pay for itself in no time. But if you’re still wary of the price tag, consider buying a used machine. Buying used is a great way to get the benefits of a powerful machine without ruining this quarter’s budget.

Choosing a gas forklift to add to your fleet is a great way to add power, efficiency, and safety to your job site. New-to-seasoned operators will agree that they’re easy to use, and you’ll love the versatility. If you’re thinking of buying new or used, or are just in the brainstorming stage, call us today !


About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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