Forklift Type Spotlight: Electric Forklift

Are Electric Forklifts Energy EfficientIf you’re considering whether the electric forklift is the right option for your workplace, it’s best to first evaluate the needs of your job. For many warehouse and manufacturing settings, with heavy loads and round-the-clock work, electric forklifts stand out for their efficiency, cost, and safety.


Naturally Counterbalanced

Because they’re battery-powered, electric forklifts are naturally counterbalanced, which allows for smaller, more versatile design. That makes electric forklifts a popular choice for work environments with narrow aisles and hard-to-reach spaces. This style of forklift can generally support loads of up to 15,000 pounds, and, with its strong, lead-acid battery, is powerful enough to get any job done effectively. But there are certainly electrics that can go up much higher such as 30,000lbs or more. With automatic braking and no clutch, the electric forklift is considered intuitive to use by many operators, which can cut down on potential mistakes and misuse.


Simpler Maintenance and Care

Forklift maintenance is a frequent concern for lift operators, but with electric forklifts, maintenance is significantly less. With fewer moving parts and a smaller amount of waste fluids than other models, like those powered by diesel, the electric forklift is a perfect fit for owners who don’t want to be moving their lifts in and out of service frequently. Additionally, less maintenance means less cost—and, because electric forklifts have a longer lifespan in general—this is a smart solution for those who want to keep their budget in mind. To stretch the company dollar even further, consider used electric forklifts, such as those in the National Forklift Exchange’s extensive collection. By cutting costs upfront, coupled with fewer expenses over the lift’s time in operation and zero output on fuel, you can save a significant amount without sacrificing the quality of your work.

The quality and safety of your worksite is also likely a factor and one that can benefit from electric forklifts. These machines produce no fuel emissions, making them especially popular for inside jobs in areas with poor ventilation and for business owners looking for eco-friendly products. This environmentally-conscious option also cuts down on compliance concerns regarding workplace safety rules and regulations.


Shop Our Electric Forklifts for Sale

If you are in the market for a used electric forklift you’ve come to the right place. National Forklift Exchange has an expansive inventory of all different types of used forklifts for sale from an array of top manufacturers. Feel free to browse our inventory or reach out to an NFE industry expert for help finding the perfect piece of equipment for your job!

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