How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity Using Forklift Attachments

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Have you found yourself trying to determine how you can truly make the most of your forklift truck? While a forklift is undoubtedly a sophisticated appliance and material handling device, it may be difficult to negotiate and operate at times. This holds the most truth when it comes to the most basic of material handling operations. While there are avoidable forklift operation mistakes, many manufacturers have created accessories and attachments to help you get the job done even quicker and safer. Here are three accessories and forklift attachments that will help you increase efficiency and productivity on a daily basis:


1. Sideshifter

As stated, material handling goes beyond the forks themselves but are truly utilized to their maximum capability when accessories are integrated into the operation. According to Forklift Accessories, a sideshifter permits forklift operators to reposition a load left-to-right without having to move the lift truck. Furthermore, operators can use this attachment to readily and easily line up pallets without moving the entire apparatus. Essentially, this saves a lot of time and labor resources to complete and achieve some of the most basic material handling tasks. As we have championed previously, saving time is essentially saving money. The modern trend is promoting efficiency and productivity in the most innovative ways imaginable. Sideshifters cover the basics and do not require much out-of-the-box thinking in terms of defining how to optimize facets of your supply chain.


2. Fork Positioner

We have covered the benefits associated with fork positioners in a previous article entitled Advantages of Fork Positioners, but we will bring you up to speed on what is so great about these devices. Fork positioners add flexibility and versatility to any forklift. In essence, fork positioners allow the forks to be moved closer or further apart from each other to accommodate the handling of various-sized pallets or uniquely-shaped objects more effectively. Like sideshifters, these appliance accrue savings in time due to a cease in the need to halt the forklift to manually adjust the forks for each load. As Forklift Accessories would indicate, other benefits of this attachment include improved handling times, reduced fuel consumption, less truck wear and decreases in pallet damage.


3. Rotator

A rotator is another tool that affords the operator efficiency and flexibility in their daily material handling needs. Rotators allow operators to rotate the forks or even a load of palletized containers, boxes, or drums. Not only do rotators enhance efficiency and productivity, they also bolster employee safety and personnel welfare. This is achieved through the ability of the rotator to give the operator increased visibility which again is essential in detecting, avoiding and circumventing the various hazards in both indoor and outdoor environments. We have vehemently stressed the importance of situational awareness and occupational safety. Undoubtedly, rotators can play an instrumental role in helping any enterprise meet and exceed those specified goals and objectives. 


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