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MHEDA Partner


The primary focus of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), is the improvement of management practices and business development for material handling distributors. The organization’s activities in the area of compensation surveys, networking opportunities via online forums, education of industry members and sharing of best practices, aid the advancement of participating members. The distribution of industry specific publications such as The MHEDA Journal and Connect e-Newsletter also spread information and communication within industry and related contacts. The goal of the MHEDA is to provide members with the tools to succeed.

NFE is a proud Member
As an independent material handling equipment distributor, NFE has joined the MHEDA to improve its proficiency. NFE benefits from the numerous resources that the MHEDA offers. These resources, such as education, networking, information, trend analysis and statistics, effectively enable NFE to provide the best quality and service to customers. Additionally, by being a member of MHEDA, NFE receives the highest quality management training workshops, the newest products, and frequent updates on the most current industry trends. Through membership, NFE is ensuring its status at the top of the material handling equipment business.

The value of MHEDA membership is the guarantee that MHEDA provides the highest standard industry information and equipment. With MHEDA membership, NFE is able to keep up to date with industry news on design and optimization, equipment and systems, and services and support. The MHEDA provides NFE with this information through benchmarking and metrics, continuing education and training, industry publications, and industry specific reports. Through membership, NFE can guarantee the best service and forklift products for their customers and thus enhance growth and profitability.

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