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Skilled, certified forklift operators, and their industries. From construction sites to warehouses to agriculture. NFE-Lifts has you covered.

Construction work-site aisles with various lifts, forklifts and hardhat

Construction Work-sites

Maneuvering equipment and supplies around a construction worksite can be impossible without the help of a forklift and a forklift operator. Because of the complex environment that exists on nearly every construction site, OSHA requires these forklift operators to be trained and certified. Safety first at the construction work-site.

“OSHA Mandates that all forklift operators be trained and certified….”


Open warehouse with forklift



Need a lift?

A heightened lift is versatile and can get you all the way to the top. An operator’s accessibility in the warehouse is key.




Heavy, outdoor materials handling is a job fit for a forklift farmhand in the agriculture industry. Leave the farming to the forklifts.

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