Risks of Driving a Damaged Forklift

Spending money to fix your personal vehicle is something we all dread and, likely, many of us have continued to operate a car even after alarm lights have gone off or when the vehicle is overdue for an oil change. The same can hold true for material handling equipment like forklifts, as operators and business owners want to hedge their bets and put off repairing an issue to save some money. However, driving a damaged forklift, even if the malfunction may seem minor, can ultimately end up costing a business big time — in the best case, simply for replacement, but in the worst on costs related to potentially serious accidents.


Damaged Forklifts Put Everyone at Risk

Driving a damaged forklift puts both the machinery and the person operating it at risk. Operators need to follow strict forklift safety and maintenance precautions to keep everyone out of harm’s way. The likelihood of an accident increases dramatically when a forklift is damaged and continues to be in use, and that’s an outcome any warehouse or construction site can’t afford, as injury or even loss of life are possible. Common forklift-related injuries are bound to happen but accidents that arise from faulty equipment can also subject a business to hefty fines from OSHA. By driving a damaged forklift, the machinery itself also suffers ongoing wear and tear, which can further exacerbate existing issues that could have been simply repaired at a much lower cost than replacement.


Conduct Regular Inspections

Conducting regular inspections is the best way to avoid the question of whether you should be driving a damaged forklift in the first place. Inspections can shed light on issues like tire wear, faulty brakes, steering malfunctions and more, all of which can contribute to workplace hazards.


Consider Buying a Used Lift

Instead of investing in a brand-new forklift when problems do arise, instead, consider opting for a used forklift. With this approach, you avoid driving a damaged forklift and putting the entire work site at risk and still get high-quality equipment, all for a much lower price. Explore the extensive collection of used forklifts at National Forklift Exchange today to keep your workers safe, and your budget in line.


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