Forklift Safety & Maintenance

Forklifts are powerful pieces of machinery capable of serious damage if the proper forklift safety is not taken. Operating large material handling equipment requires extensive forklift training paired with a certification. National Forklift Exchange breaks down the proper safety and maintenance guidelines to follow when you own and operate your own lifts. Ultimately worksite managers should understand workplace safety is just as essential as sustainability. However, safety skills and awareness are not difficult to learn and master. Just as imperative for forklift operator is understanding the safety hazards involved with maintaining a lift so that it runs properly and doesn’t put yourself or those around in harm’s way. Check out NFE’s forklift safety and maintenance recommendations below.

Understand Forklift Load Capacity

Understanding the load capacity of your forklift will have a significant impact on the lifespan of your equipment. You don’t want to overwork the equipment for fear of the lift breaking or working harder than it is intended. This will rapidly decrease the overall life span of the machinery. The knowledge of forklift load capacity will also ensure that whoever may be operating the forklift will use the right amount of weight on the forklift in order to keep it stable and balanced, thus improving the safety of your warehouse and prevent necessary injuries. The amount of injuries at worksites of those working with and around forklifts is astonishing and many can easily be avoided.

Forklift Maintenance Improves Efficiency

When a forklift breaks down, it can slow down your business’s progress and overall worksite efficiency. Taking good care of your forklift and scheduling routine maintenance checks is essential to your overall success. Keeping a forklift maintained is also the best way to ensure that it is safe for use and will also save you from having to invest in costly repairs in the future.

Get Your Forklift Checked By Professional

When buying a forklift wholesale, in “as is condition” and without warranty, please have all safety items checked by a qualified forklift mechanic before use. The buyer is solely responsible for the proper and safe use of the equipment purchased, and waives all rights in the event of a failure, malfunction, or accident resulting from the use of this equipment. Check out the powered lift checklist for a routine guideline of forklift safety and maintenance check of your equipment.

Forklift Safety and Maintenance Guidelines

See below for an extensive break down from National Forklift Exchange of proper guidelines to follow to achieve the utmost warehouse safety practices. And be sure to contact us today with any further questions!

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