<h1>Forklift Recycling & Disposal</h1>

Forklift Recycling & Disposal


The proper disposal of a defunct forklift is to recycle it, rather than add it to the increasingly hazardous chain of landfills. That’s right, just like you can recycle plastic, paper and aluminum cans, you can recycle old forklifts. Once a forklift has reached the end of its life, it is sent to a forklift recycling center where it is completely refurbished.


› How To Recycle a Forklift

When forklifts are recycled, they are usually taken apart. The parts that no longer function are discarded, while usable ones are assimilated into an operating machine. If any of the reused parts need repair, they are refurbished so that the recycled machine runs like a brand new one. A recycled forklift will operate just as well as a brand new one, and will often look just as polished.

Investing in a recycled forklift is a cost-effective way to keep costs down if you are on a budget. Choosing to recycle a forklift is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of maintaining or getting rid of your machinery. Repurposing the functional parts of your forklift will also ensure that the environmentally damaging substances on or in the forklift, and the heavy metals it is made of, are not leaching into the ground as it would in a landfill.


› Using Recycled Forklift Parts

Purchasing and using recycled forklift parts is also an efficient way of maintaining a forklift that needs only a part or parts of it revamped. A great example of this is new tires for your forklift, as constant contact with rough ground surfaces can make them wear out quickly. Sometimes forklifts that are not old and have tires in good condition are sent to recycling centers. You’ll be able to find polyurethane, solid or pneumatic tires through us, so make sure you know which type your forklift requires. Request an estimate to compare the cost of tires from disassembled forklifts to the cost of new tires. Your old tires can then find new life as planters, compost holders, or a sturdy wall.

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