Sell a Forklift in Five Easy Steps

Sell your forklift

Selling a used forklift can be a huge challenge. It becomes much easier to sell your used forklift if you know where to start and what potential buyers are looking for. By following these tips and sales strategies, you will be able to prepare the used forklift in a way that appeals to most buyers, and you might find it easier to sell the machine at a better price too. Many buyers are more interested in buying used forklifts than buying new machines. One reason for this is because the value of any new unit depreciates immediately, and this loss of value is avoided when buying a used forklift. New units often suffer from recalls for quirks that can end up costing more in the long run.


1. Maintenance and cleaning
Before advertising a used forklift for sale, it is essential to thoroughly prepare the unit first. Start by performing some general maintenance work on it. Buyers usually realize that a used machine will not give them that ‘new’ look and feel, but it is best if the forklift does not look as if it was in a war, either. Clean it and touch up the body where necessary too.

2. Know the value of the forklift
Ensure that you know the exact year it was manufactured, the model number and other specifications of the machine. Without this information it will be complicated to determine the exact market value, which is important to successfully sell a used forklift. In addition, record information such as the size and weight of the machine and its overall condition as well. Alternatively, you could ask our company to do an accurate, free valuation of the machine. This way you will know that the value is 100% correct.

3. Take quality pictures
After the machine has been cleaned and readied to be sold, take quality photographs of it from all possible angles. Coupled with the information about the machine in advertisements, the pictures play a crucial role in presenting your forklift to potential buyers.

4. Find dealers online
Use the Internet to search for dealers that regularly buy used forklifts. We are one of the reputable dealers that buys quality used forklifts and sells them as well. The Internet can be very helpful and convenient in locating the best dealers in your region.

5. Use effective selling options
The Internet offers the best opportunities to sell used forklifts. Use the pictures and detailed information that you compiled and advertise on any of the multitude of websites that deal with these types of sales. Classified ad sections in some newspapers and magazines are still very effective as well.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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