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We'll buy your used forklifts We'll buy your used forklifts
Do you have functional, surplus forklifts taking up critical space in your warehouse? Sell your used forklift with National Forklift Exchange. Rather than go through the hassle of trying to return them to the manufacturer or abandoning them, we’ll work with you to sell your forklift to a buyer for a fair price.

Contact our dedicated sales team, and we’ll match you with a qualified buyer willing to pay for your equipment. No matter what type of forklift you have, someone is looking for that exact make and model. Why pass up an opportunity to sell your surplus, while getting rid of unwanted equipment? Let us help you find a buyer for your surplus forklifts.

How It Works:

Send us photographs and the specifications of the forklifts you’re looking to sell. Then, National Forklift Exchange will appraise the equipment and either make you an offer or put you in contact with someone interested in buying your used forklift. NFE will help arrange a fair deal for the both of you. If necessary, we’ll even help arrange transportation and delivery of the forklift. With operations in all 50 states and abroad, it’ll be easy to find a new home for your surplus or unwanted used forklifts.

How to Sell a Forklift How to Sell a Forklift

Selling used unwanted forklifts has never been easier or more cost-effective for your organization. Most manufacturers will not take back your used equipment if you offer it to them, and junking or abandoning forklifts that are still perfectly usable is not an option in our environmentally oriented climate. But with our help, you can free up much needed space in your warehouse by selling your forklifts to us, while getting reimbursed in the process.

The next time you need to eliminate surplus forklift equipment, let us help you find a buyer.

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