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Truck Mounted Piggy Back Forklift

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Truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are forklifts that are transported on the rear of delivery vehicles, thus giving them the name of the piggy back forklift. The truck-mounted piggy back can be integrated into more rugged applications such as construction sites or landscaping jobs. The Truck-mounted piggy back forklift has been ideal for those working on these sites, as it has served as a reliable means of convenience and provided easier access to pertinent materials. Almost any project can benefit from the use of these products, but large-scale operations that are carried out over spacious spreads and sites are most positively influenced by the presence of a truck-mounted piggy back forklift. This is largely entailed to ability to haul huge quantities of the necessary goods to help get the job done.

Truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are an exclusive type of machinery because they are truly versatile. Operators are rewarded with the ability to transport goods faster due to the powerful engines that are often featured in truck-mounted piggy back forklifts. Truck-Mounted Piggy Back Forklifts are commonly used at construction sites or in a large-scale landscaping applications because they can transport goods swiftly, covering large areas in smaller periods of time. This is also proven true in loading and unloading which is simple and can take less than a minute to perform.

These particular forklifts also allow for flexibility for any operator to unload and load their haul with the use of efficiently resourceful and durable pneumatic tires. Furthermore, truck-mounted piggy back forklifts are available with either diesel or electronic engines and are rated to carry a capacity of 4,000 to 8,000 pounds.

Some piggy-back lift trucks come equipped with all-wheel drive, while others are equipped with three-wheel drive. Some lifts also come with a water-cooled diesel engine, which can reduce costs by eliminating the need for coolant. Coolant is also a hazardous material to both people and the environment, and as a result can be unsafe to handle making these vehicles safer to use from a mechanical perspective.

Common manufacturers of these vehicles are Princeton, Moffett, Sellick, Teledyne, and more.

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